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Saaho had blockbuster collections worldwide in the weekend but dropped after first week but still managed 435 crores and crossed 300 crores domestically and had footfalls higher than biggest blockbuster of bollywood Kabir Singh and War and hollywood blockbuster Avengers end game that year but still declared average in South but this film even with 125 crore collection will probably declared below average Even Prabhas last disaster film had 43 crore opening which is not achieved by many superstars
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salman since tubelight is giving below average films with exception of YRF film who will save his career with their next film after saving srk career
YRF saved SRK career...!
Then, why they couldn't save carreer's of Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar & Saif Ali Khan through films TOH, Shamsheraa, Jayeshbhai, S.Prithviraaj & Bunty 2.
YRF next with salman will probably save his career big franchise films have huge following so dont compare them will small films
James Bro have some basic info and comment otherwise request members to know information & take firm stand.

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Really ? How come ? But still i heard it was Disaster  in its home market due to its budget and high distribution prices.

Who told you Saaho Average in South ?
Only Hindi version Hit.

In South AP/TG, Karnataka, Tamilnaadu & Kerala Saaho gave ₹70 cr+ Loss to Distributors. 

Saaho is Huge Disaster in South. Only Hindi was saving it's face.
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It collected 87 crore on opening day and 190 crores in weekend which is beyond bollywood overall it collected 305 crore and 435 crore worldwide recovering 80% of its budget and was declared average by ABO best boxoffice site in south industry if you consider it disaster still it has more than thrice the footfalls of kkbkkj Saaho had 194 crore share domestically and 233 crore worldwide film required 290 crore share to be hit but was average verdict is given on full recovery while kkbkkj will have worldwide share of 80 crore disaster worldwide bigger than tubelight
Average Verdict was given due to Hindi Version collection.
Saaho can be compared to TZH since both are event films.

Saaho was coming as one of the Highest Budget movie Ever from India and Prabhas was back after Monster Success of Baahubali Series which was seen by 15 crores+ audience in India yet Prabhas couldn't take & come 20% of audience to theatres for Saaho when compared to BB Series.
Why you don't have guts to say about Raadhe Shyam ? It was also Prabhas film right compare RS with KKBKKJ & Tubelight.
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Waow, if we have to explain to you why a film is declared average even with a supposed 300 Cr you have nothing to do on BO forum...

And if SRK and Salman depend on YRF, what's Prabhas's BO records baring Bahubaali 1 et 2 ? Nada ! Thanks S.S Rajamooli (Bahubaali would worked with whoever actor, Prabhas contribution is like 0%).
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