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But will it save itself from being a flop?

Looks like 105-110 lifetime.
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For the verdict we have to wait to see where it lands on thursday/friday. But yeah flop/below average surely !
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Superstar Nani gave better opening with Dasara which is a hit film 
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Superstar Nani... Laughable !!
Nani is Tier 2 star in Telugu States.
Dasara is hit only in Nizam & USA Rest all Territories it didn't break even it seems.
Nani gave 23 crore opening while megastar failed to cross 15 crore this is reality
James Bro for Nani movie you are saying
₹23 cr i e GROSS Worldwide collection for Dasara including USA+Canada Premiers.

For Salman movie you are saying ₹15 cr that is NETT collection only in Domestic or India Boxoffice.

Overall Worldwide Gross Boxoffice for KKBKKJ is  ₹27cr+ for 1st day without any Premiers.
this is nett figure reported by sacniik
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Real Collections are 10cr,18cr,17cr on first three days. Share of national chain plexes are around 55-60% normally, for sallu even if i consider it to be 50%, 2nd day national chain collection was 9.5cr so it cant be more than 19cr. Shame on Footpath killer for inflating collections.
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Oh come on..! are you following KRK Boxoffice or yourself KRK..!

If anybody take as per your calculation i.e National plexes contribute 50% of Total collection then,

RRR collected ₹48 cr+ from National Multiplexes in Telugu states.
So RRR collected only ₹96 cr Gross collection from AP/TG not ₹400 cr.
It will not cross 120 crore and will be flop overseas will be disaster
south industry is different, single screens still dominate there, plus they have their own multiplex chains.... kuch bhi bolega gawar
I also pointed same gawar ke gawar, even w.r.t Salman films gets extra boost in collection from Single screens since his movies cater more to Single screen, B & C centre audiences.