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Can phantom cross 100 crores if it clashes with bang bang on 2nd October?

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in Archived by Mega Star (226k points)

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If bang bang creates huge buzz which it is expected to then phantom should postpone or it will get sidelined and get less screens as IMO bb is bigger commercial film with a superstar in it so it won't be like SOS vs jthj situation...

by Star (156k points)
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Depend on content if it have better content than BB then it has chance........but if WOM same for both movies then no chance.

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If its solo release then it can collect 100 crore.with clash no chance.

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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yes it definitely can if stays away from that release date.. other than that it can never i doubt it highly.. anyways even if it releases solo i doubt whether the movie will cross 100 crores.. however if it releases solo on 2nd october.. then it does have an outside chance

by Production Accountant (23.6k points)
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No chance for Phantom to cross 100 Crores if clash with Bang Bang because Saif if no where near to Hritik that case max. 70 Cr.

by Star (156k points)
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It will be a suicide for Saif & Kabir. Phantom stands no chance in font of Bang BAng.

by Producer (103k points)


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