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All are horror pics, only katrina looks good.

by Editor (86.9k points)
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Sonam is pick of the lot and second is kat...
Worst:-Kareena bipasha even aish is looking ewww.....
Now I understand vfx is must for action and Make up is must for Glamour ;)

by Director (131k points)
0 bhai dhyaan se dekh sonam kapoor!! Abhi bhi pasand hai toh bhagwan tera bhallah kren! :P
@tegil hadd hai yar...iska matlab sari bhangi lgti hai without makeup ke and question pic mai sonal makeup (mild) mai hai....(tmi)
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Katrina, anushka, sonam looking all r weird!

by Producer (115k points)
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Without make up we cant see our top heroines also so sad yaar.

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Karina's makeup-free condition is not bad. But I loved the hairstyle. I searched and was able to find the same model here.

by Costume designer (1.0k points)

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