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i have been a part of the first forum with users like Suhas(salman fan ),navoarsenal (aamir khan fan) ,filman (salman fan)  thunder bird(srk fan) greek god
(hrithik roshan and srk fan) baadshah (srk fan)  more users but i dont remember all, charlie runkle was there but not from start.
In Rohits forum i was there for 6 months and then in oct 2013 got transferred to zin's forum.. A decade

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Have u lost ur memory navo? 
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Is he Navo?. Navoday Das.
Indeed. He only calls duckdulkar
who is navo? and duckdulkar is a universal name for selfishkar
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Suhas, Charlie Jatinder, Charlie runkle, Thunderbird etc.

One thing wanted to know is there any way to visit or view old forum threads Mods?
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Bro I was also campus☺️. And how can you forget Lord Blanka and Lord Baazigar
Lord Blanka now I remember, Welcome back & be active on forum. Actually there were many forum members that's the reason I mentioned etc.....

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