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Pathaan collected 70 crores in single day (26 Jan). So how much more can it be?
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Pathaan breaks all single day records baring East Punjab and CI. And it doesn't perform on the same level in Mumbai comparing to other territories. I guess 80 Cr is achieveble if the film is liked universaly.

On the other hand, the rates (the BB rates) keep climbing every year so in 2 years maybe a 100 Cr+ day...
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I think RRR had 95-100℅ occupancy for the first day in telugu states . If that happens all over india for a bollywood film released in 5000screens like pathan, with 25000shows , than i think 75-80 lakhs people could watch a film in a day. So 150crs net. But even 50-60℅ avg occupancy is also too much for such a wide bollywood release. So realistically 75-80cr net if it gets response like Dhoom3 Or Bb2
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Tiger 3 Cross 80 Cr on Day after Diwali and it's a record set by any Bollywood movie.
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I doubt it. 50 Cr maybe but not much higher.
The bet is on Tiger vs Pathaan...
it will be much higher than what you say

Day after diwali is a big day for box office. And this day when a action movie released generated 35 lakh footfalls easily.Salman did it with Prem Ratan Dhan Payo... Which hold highest footfalls on a single day for any bollywood movie...

Tiger 3 is a insane and first day created Mayhem at the box office.
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Pathaan 2nd Day collection ₹70 cr+ is Nett BOC i.e, after deducting GST & Service charges.

 Pathaan actual collection is ₹86 cr+ which is Gross amount.

So as per @Baaadshah bro Pathaan was not Bumper film in East Punjab and C.I circuits taking this to consideration

A proper Hindi Event Film has a capacity to collect ₹100 cr+ Gross Collection in a Single Day.
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You are right to talk in gross, that's the right comparaison with the south (nett in Hindi isn't the same as in Tamil or Telugu)...
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South Film Industry has crossed 100 crores on opening day while bollywood will take much more time to reach this milestone maximum potential is 85-95 crores on record screens but thats unlikely to happen
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Top South Film Openings
RRR- 135 crores
Baahubali The Conclusion- 125 crores
KGF Chapter 2- 120 crores
Saaho- 87 crores
2.0- 85 crores

bollywood is far behind
All these figures are nett or gross ?
Above mentioned figures are Gross but highly INFLATED due to adding Lifetime collection of some circuits as HIRES and mostly Producer Figures.

Till date as per Trade Baahubali 2 remains as Highest Day 1 collected movie in India.

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