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2nd option should be earn not ear
Because thelawalas,rickshawalas have moved on to watching on OTT
Because rickshawalas dont ear as much as before
Brainless people have decreased in numbers
Ohter(mention in comment)
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Because salman is doing effortless work. By not putting any effort in his films he is preponing his downfall. 
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It's simply because of the quality of movies that he is doing. Eventually fans will start to ignore his movies if the content, storyline, direction, acting etc. are not up to mark as stardom needs support of good content. It is more evident now a days as the audiences have less enthusiasm for watching movies in theatre, and even lesser for mediocre looking content like KBKJ, Race 3 etc.

He needs well-made movies with high entertainment value, like SRK did with Pathaan.
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pathaan was hit coz of bajrang dal, music and scale of the movie... usme srk ke jagah double dholki ayushman hota woh bhi utna hi karta....
Yes you are right.
Pathaan was hit badly by bajarang dal & other right wing activists but SRK Stardom took movie to All Time Blockbuster Status.

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