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Guys Here Are Three New Dialouge Promos Of Krrish 3......SEE THEM AND TELL YOUR VIEW ABOUT THEM?

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thanks for the link ....+1


+1 from me..............


+1for the link

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.Expecting a cracker of a story and firecrackers at the Box Office....A tsunami is coming to blow out every record..
Just can't wait 9 days to go...!!

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Unlike krrish 3 is lookin to have lots of thrills and even with a weak story if you've nice script and thrills.. You can engage people at best!
And krrish 3 looks to have it all!
Will watch it for sure, first day first show!

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)

Nov 1st is Kannada Rajyotsava aka Kannada Day. It's a rule that every theater must screen only Kannada movies & even radio stations play only Kannada songs, if they miss then bad incidents have happened before where certain groups involved in violence, I still remember 2 years back when female employees of fm radio station were attacked by those animals just because the fm station played songs from other language on Nov 1st.


Thats real cruelity. You can't take any day out of your state people. Its more of a monocracy which should be avoided. We are so into freedom, democracy is there. Sometimes things jus goes overboard. And okay, do catch it next day! As it too will be the day on which k3 will hit the theatres for the first time there.


Actually it's fine by us, it's a state holiday & it's a day for celebrations. We only oppose these anti social activities who do all these violent stuff with some hidden agenda. It's a Karnataka's festival to celebrate Kannada day in the entire state, a government holiday.

Normally they don't show other language films for a whole week. Should wait & see whether they'll be lenient on Krrish 3 as it is a big budget film.


If its okay with people then what can be more great. And yeah there always are very meany 3rd fronts who does such cruelty. And leaving krrish 3 for a whole one week will be too harsh both on people and makers 'cause k3 is more like diwali treat and it should be allowed, it must be allowed and i think it'll be allowed as requests must have been made from distributors, I think. Anyways best of luck! That you'll see it very soon!

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bang i just can't wait for movie

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
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I simply can't wait for the film right now...................fantastic promos

by Production Designer (15.7k points)


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