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User naya yug

Member for: 3 years (since Oct 5, 2013)
Type: Expert
Name: Yug Singh
About: A diehard Hrithik Roshan fan but a very unbiased analyst of film trade, I always try to stop myself from disrespecting any actor but when I find out someone's weak point then I'll never back off from criticizing him/her or their film.
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Fav Actor: My idol and fav actor is Hrithik Roshan, but I like all Khans & Akshay Kumar as well. Among actresses my fav acting wise currently are none but beauty wise Neha Sharma, she is the most gorgeous girl for me.
Fav Movie: There are many so can't name just one.
Fav TV Series:
Why Love Bollywood?: The best thing is that Bollywood has given people reasons to smile, cry, dance, rejoice, hug, love and everything and thats the best thing about it!!!
Why hate Bollywood?: Struggle of this industry makes this a very dark and bad place to settle in.

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