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Name: he has different names in different societies
About: old fashioned,

 anti lecture ,

 entertainment seeking social entity,

 doesn't play to win,

 99% and 100%  both are same to him,

considers "Thank You" and "Sorry" to be most meaningless and non existing words

considers receiving CLAPS as receiving Taunt,  considers them meaningless.  

likes to deserve something instead of getting something.

likes himself , hates himself.

considers himself to be his own real trustworthy judge , not to anyone else, and not for anyone else.

considers himself to be royalty and a beggar
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Fav Actor: Salman Khan
Fav Movie: jaanemann, rockstar
Fav TV Series:
Why Love Bollywood?: Salman khan movies
Why hate Bollywood?: due to ...
aishwarya rai
Vidya balan
priyanka chopra
parineeti chopra
katrina kaif
sri devi
madhuri dixit
twinkle khanna....

and all other dual face hero-heroines.

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