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User Filman

Member for: 3 years (since Jul 3, 2013)
Type: Moderator
About: Like to joke. Don't take what I say too seriously, like to argue, like to fight, know more about everything, simple. Watch English TV series. Nice dude overall, yep.
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Fav Actor: Salman Khan is the fav
Aamir comes close second

Hrithik by a little bigger margin then but love him too really
Fav Movie: Man too many!
Fav TV Series:
Why Love Bollywood?: Fan wars of actors is fun if it doesn't get personal or abusive really. Then the craze for films, and more home style obviously.
Why hate Bollywood?: Quality is seen less with some superstars and the makers just want to cash in on the stardom of the star than make a good movie

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