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Session #7

Participation Bonus: (10 points each for users who participated in at least 1 question)
1) THUNDER BIRD 2) Rajat 3) RAhil 4)Charlie runkle™ 5)Fullmetal 6) Super Rocking Khan 7) Tubelight
Participation Bonus per alliance:
Alliance name Total No. Players participated Points
The Annihilators 3(x10) 30
The Ravagers 2(x10) 20
The Mob 1(x10) 10
The Invincibles 1(x10) 10
(x10) = Participation points Alliance Leaderboard: (Session 7 only)
# Alliance Name Points
1 The Annihilators 6 4 3 240
2 The Ravagers 4 5 6 235
3 The Mob 1 25
4 The Invincibles 10
*Participation point added* Individual Leaderboard: (Session 7 only)
Username Alliance Name Points
1 THUNDER BIRD The Annihilators 6 2 150
2 Rajat The Ravagers 2 3 3 125
3 RAhil The Ravagers 2 2 3 110
4 Charlie runkle™ The Annihilators 3 1 65
5 Fullmetal The Annihilators 1 25
6 Super Rocking Khan The Mob 1 25
7 Tubelight The Invincibles 10
*Participation point added*  
Answers 1st 2nd 3rd
Sunil shetty
 Charlie runkle™  Rajat
Jackie Shroff THUNDER BIRD  Charlie runkle™  Rajat
Shammi Kapoor Rajat  Fullmetal
Mithun Chakraborty Rajat  Super Rocking Khan  Rahil
Feroz Khanf THUNDER BIRD  Rajat  RAhil
Mumbai Meri Jaan THUNDER BIRD  Charlie runkle™  RAhil
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha THUNDER BIRD  RAhil  Rajat
Saajan Chale Sasural  RAhil  Rajat  THUNDER BIRD
 Bewafa Sanam  THUNDER BIRD  RAhil  Charlie runkle™
 Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi  RAhil  Rajat  THUNDER BIRD