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BOYS (2003 - Tamil)

This Shankar's movie released on 29th August 2003, marked the debut of Siddharth, Genelia D'Souza (renamed as Harini for South audience), Nakul, Bharath, Sai Thaman (S.S.Thaman, now the famous music director in South India) & Manikandan. The film as usual being a big budget film, thanks to Shankar's lavish film-making, opened to mixed reviews among critics but good word of mouth among the viewers. It had a very good run on it's first week before LTTE imposed a ban on this film in Sri Lanka & following this ban, protests started in Tamil Nadu against this film by various female social organizations.

The film was heavily criticized for it's bold portrayal of certain scenes, mainly the scene where Siddharth runs naked in a busy traffic to prove his love, the dragged comedy scene with a prostitute which was filled with sexual innuendo & explicit but nevertheless entertaining. Didn't go down well with the LTTE nor the women organizations.

It was actually funny when you hear the reasons LTTE gave for the ban of this film in Sri Lanka,

1. The movie misguides youth by telling love is the ultimate goal since the boys in the films choose love over education, get married early, become overnight singing stars through hard work, shear talent & succeed in life. Well, this didn't go down well with LTTE.

2. The Siddharth's naked run act, well according to LTTE it showed that boys can do anything, so the film must be banned. The scene following Siddharth's character's imprisonment in the movie for obscenity meant nothing for them.

3. A particular scene where one of the lead actor tries to speak in English with his friend who is "dark-coloured" & doesn't understand English that well was the major culprit. How could they show it like this? was the main question raised. May be Shankar should've painted every lead actor black or every one white, he chose to capture friendship on screen but something else got noticed.

Well not an issue with the women raising their voice against the film, but constant stopping of the screenings did the damage for the film. All the objectionable scenes were chopped off & the movie was re-released by that time, audience had lost interest on the movie, the A.R.Rahman's hit music didn't save the film & the film failed to get itself an hit status & left sour taste on it's makers as well as the actors.

Controversial scenes which were chopped off - 

The infamous prostitute scene.

Bharath trying to speak in English with some guy ("dark colored guy") to impress Genelia.

Siddharth's naked run act.

The introduction scene of all the BOYS.

And finally the chartbuster song GIRLFRIED which faced the wrath.


All the above shared video links are the full version of those scenes/song uncensored while during the ban & controversies these scenes were chopped & over 1min footage from Girlfriend was cut which consisted an entire stanza of the song. And ofcourse objections were raised for the entire Dating song & the scenes that led to that song.



in Archived by All Time best! (263k points)
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Awesome yaar!
In the end where Genelia squeezes Sidharth's tool is also very controversial yet funny.
@Nikhil.. She just pinches his thighs. Anyways all these controversies only happened in Tamil Nadu, the movie had a good run in Karnataka & Andhra. Had watched it 6 times in the theater back in 2003 which all the scenes intact.

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I got the uncensored version then from one pf my friend....This was my first south movie; i watched with subtitles and some translation by my friend...Yes subject and storytelling was bold at that time but Must watch movie...Highly impressed and enjoyed by the movies...Actually objection scenes very good ;) ...Shankar Rocks..

by Producer (110k points)
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Fantastic work Mr Filmipedia...And regarding the ban,i would say in Krk style "Yaar yeh kya chutiyapa hai"

by All Time best! (268k points)

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