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Interval, I heard that the film is a copy of Prestige, and I knew the main suspense as I remembered Prestige. It comes last for me.
Climax of D3 was quite shocking for me, I hadn't thought that both will die, though knew that at least one will, that's why it comes second because it was obvious that one will die.
Climax of Talaash comes first as I hadn't thought that, though later on when I read some things on Internet, it looked obvious, but in theater, I wasn't able to figure it out.
These films are nothing in terms of suspense in comparison to Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

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For Me D3 climax was expected; Unfortunately I went with my didi for Talash and she predicted the suspense in Interval(Its long detail explanation she gave; Will not discuss now)...D3 interval suspense was good because I haven't expected that (All are talking about now you can see me and all)....
So for me:-
D3 interval>> Talash suspense>> D3 climax......

answered by Producer (108k points)
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Talaash suspense ka kafi hints diya tha reema ne she told later,mujhe lekin pata nahi chala tha kyuki itna dhyan nahi diya,bt my younger bro jab dekhne gaya tha he figured it out,he said ke ek bar jab bolti hai tum dono(and kareena was there,so there were three)
Yes my di then only(On that perticular scene) said to me; muje pta chal gya kya hai suspense plus also many logical references...And yes there are so many nonsense comparision between d3 and nucsm but my thought process were in that direction but D3 interval was super surprising for me...Never expected that twist at all.Jor ka jhatka Jor se lga tha Mujhe ;)
Bhai yeh nw u see me to kuch bhi nahi,a particular group have a habit of spamming the internet with many false quotes abt their star(yes some of the HW people talked abt him,bt some are created by his fans),creating false news like moon ka crater and some island on earth uske nam pe hai etc,even creating false dilip kumar quotes(yaha bhi dikha hoga woh 100 salman,100 aamir bt 1 srk wala,pehle usme sirf salman tha last yr till ett,aajkal aamir ko bhi usme dal diya)
Haters can say any extreme nonsense to prove his point or increase Negetivity...Same happened to D3 pre release; They passed unnecessary comment; stupid comparisions etc but D3 business has given strong answer to all utter craps thats why sab shant ho gya.....Again Aamir gave answer with his work...Even prestige se bhi lena dena nahi movie ka exept double role trick; Prestige was completely diffrent movie so the Nycsm....Ekadh fact mil jane ko copy nahi co.incidence kehte hain....But chhodo.Raat gye Baat Gye...What important is D3 accepted universally and Indian plus overseas both audience liked the movie and collections are proof of that..
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1 talaash climax suspense best among alll
2 D3 interval
3 D3 ending
while d3 interval and ending was slightly predictable but talaash's ending came out from nowhere during watching it I was very shocked (I also liked it).

answered by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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For me....it was

D3 Interval -----never though Aamir would do double roles..as he has never done it and the way it was shown was really interesting.

Taalash Climax ---- although did not like the climax very much but still it was shocking with the surrounding sound in the cinema hall when they show Kareena Kapoor on the rear seat and then on the middle of the road...was take aback little bit.....

D3 Climax ----- was more emotional than shocking especially with the beautiful song in the background -"Bande hair hum uske..."


answered by Production Accountant (28.8k points)
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I know in D3 Aamir will die at last because the way Aamir was looking in the trailer's, I knew it that cop won't put Aamir in d jail, nd dat exactly what happened, In Talaash..Well if you would have ask Talaash whole movie,except the climax, den I would hv pick Talaash. But the climax was not up to the mark according to me. So I'll go with D3 interval suspense coz it was superb nd every1 were saying "Owww What??". but unfortunately G.One had already told me the story abt twins!

answered by Director (135k points)
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dude the interval suspense of dhoom was not at all unexpected ..even if i hadnt seen the prestige i would have told .. so for me.. talaash suspense in clamax>dhoom 3 climax>dhoom 3 interval.

answered by Production Accountant (20.2k points)
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Best -: Dhoom 3 interval -: Though I had know Aamir khan will have double role and some site also said they will be bro.... But the way of Telling the Suspense was more than awesome ... Loved it

Most shocking -: Talaash -: Never imagined that Kareena will be ghost..... It was also good ... Liked it ... It was quite shocking also

Worst -: The Dhoom 3 climax -: I liked this scene personally .. It as emotianally attaching .. Specially Samar's Line ... I not dislike this scene .. but among your choices it was the worst .... Still this scene is awesome

P.S. A better comparison would be D3 interval , D3 Climax and that scene in which Sahir pretends to be Samar , but discloses that he is not.....

answered by Assistant Director (59.6k points)
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Among these 3 movies TALAASH climax was best and worst was D3 interval suspense! So rating goes like this:
TALAASH CLIMAX>D3 END(average not very good though)>D3 INTERVAL

answered by Production Accountant (22.6k points)

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