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Boxoffice, it's certainly possible, but not for sure. Seeing YJHD, with great WOM, Dabangg 2, with 3 open weeks, ETT with so great opening, none was able to break 3 Idiots record, a film has to be more than great, good open weeks, good enough screens also. So, in boxoffice, D3 and K3 are only chances, but because Aamir chooses good scripts, YRF, Dhoom series, D3 might be able to be good enough to cross the mark, while K3 has also has huge chances. Though, I don't think there is a chance for 3 Idiots, second, third, and every week record to be broken.
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Baadshah, bhai 3 Idiots record sirf highest grossing nahi, balke second highest week, third highest, and many other highest week records, overall performance, har cheez ko milla ke banna tha.
haan, pta h yaar.....but u were talking about 202figure i think, otherwise u wrote about 2nd, third already.....n 202 to waise he hogya tha yaar bgair ksi dhmakay k
Bhai mein to assal mein 202 crore ki hi baat kar raha tha, baakki saarri cheezein to meine apna last comment karte hoye banayien.
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D3 & K3 Have the chances to break the ecord of 3 idiots worldwide but the WOM should be excellent otherwise NO
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3 idiots world wide gross-385cr itz difficult not impossible.currently d3 and k3 as best chance
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Krrish Has A Slice Chance...Bt For Dat The Film Would Also Need A WOM Like 3 Idiots Which Is Hard For A Film Like K3...Dhoom3 Might Be The 1 To Break That Record...For Dat D3 Need A Good WOM & Open Weeks!!
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CE,K:3 & D:3.Any doubt?

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hahaha..........ala kaam keya h by answering on this ques........CE did it ....n everybody was underestimating it

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