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I am quite sure you won't feel nothing, cause you will.

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Dont even wanna think about that!

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Obviously i will feel very bad,that i cannot watch any new movies of his,so will have to watch his old movies time and again and again for relief.....And maybe some new star will emerge who will take the place of my fav or the one who was my 2nd fav will become my fav,though i doubt if i can be a die hard for anyone like Aamir in future..

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i will bad very very bad.just dont want to imagine that day.though i will not leave watching bollywood movies but the interest & curosity & the eagerness which my favourite star creates will be missed very much by me

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Well i started watching films bcoz of Shahrukh......I love bollywood bcoz of Shahrukh....i learnt how 2 romance,bcoz of Shahrukh....he is my inspiration,he is my idol...if he retires,then i would stop watching bollywood films....!!

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It will be heart breaking for me

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I cnt imagine tht day.. it will be worst day for me ... I suppose then i am going to watch very less Bollywood movies (specially in theater) ... or May be i will stop watching movies ...

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