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+8 votes
asked in Old by anonymous
Moral of the story grapes are sour
Best film category...
Where is lunch box , madras cafe & Koi po che.
rohit shetty ko best director ke lie nominate kia hai , iske aage kuch kehne ki zarurat nahi hai

13 Answers

+7 votes

Agree, Filmfare = fakefare.
Akshay is not nominated for best actor,
Special 26 also not nominated
Neeraj Pandey also nominated

Yeh nominate hi nahi karte, award kya GHANTA jeetna toh door ki baat hai.

answered by Second Unit Director (72k points)
seriously bro.......Akshay sy zyada 10achi performances thi is saal........screen time he bohat thora mila Akshay ko S26 mein....oper sy koi khaas layers bhi nhn thein character mein
Srk ki performance Akshay se Aage thi peeche thi?????
Yaar SRK ka bhi main sure nhn hn k woh top10 mein ata h ya nhn.........par mjhe SRK k performance better lagi...main fan honay k wjah sy nhn bol rha qasm sy.....reason is comedy sy romance sy action sy emotions, aur itna sara screen time mil gya SRK ko......wrna mjhe koi farq nhn parta agr SRK k performance pichay count ho.......aur Akshay k paas km sy km 10 is sy achi performances hn gi....don't know why people overrate it so much.......Akshay ko sahi length nhn mile.......oper sy almost aik he track par chalta h role except jo thora sa time romance ko deya h

don't compare him with SRK cz SRK is also not in a race of good performances this year.........compare it with Ranveer, Aamir, Farhan, Irrfan, Saif's performances
+6 votes

I've already said many times filmfare=fakefare.

answered by All Time best! (267k points)
Navo,Dil chahta hai ka overseas verdict kya hey?
Dnt knw man..overseas verdicts ka mere paas zyada information nahi hai
+5 votes

For me these awards are fake & given for live performance/good relation instead of Best Acting/talent but yes this is my personal opinion so i don't expect everyone to agree on this.

answered by Director (123k points)
+4 votes

Filmfare is very biased..They give or consider those only who ei perform or have good rapo/associated with filmfare....See previous year winner and you will find authenticity....Out of all award ; star screen award is best because they give genuine people....Rest are biased....

answered by Producer (108k points)
+4 votes

Worst and crappiest award ceremony in India.
Rohit Shetty nominated for Best director and Neeraj Pandey not?
Filmfares have zero worth.

answered by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
+2 votes

I Admire Aamir As An Actor But Why Would He or His Fans Will Believe in Awards and Achievements??


Awards and Achievements are Made for KING KHAN.

answered by Super-star (200k points)
+1 vote

Aamir was nominated for consecutive 8 years n got GHANTA! Thats why you people call it fake den National Awarss are also fake arnt they ?

answered by anonymous
I call it ghanta bcoz Aamir got it for rh,Srk for dtph and Hrithik for d2 and many more
if there r 2 best ans i your question den u have to choose one den tell me wat would they do in same condition......also film succes,ceaze automatically gets added otherwise public gives bad response n also dere r very few sensible thinkers like u n me yeah i also hate it for giving it to srk n not to kamal sir for chachi 420 but dabaw hota hai bro samajha kar. .....
say wat u want i will reply in evening n will surely explain in proper n sensible way.......
+1 vote

Moral of the story is grapes are *****. Totally agree with you.

answered by anonymous
+1 vote

It has proved so many years back only.

answered by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
0 votes

Aamir in Baazi was better than Aamir in Dhoom 3.

answered by All Time best! (282k points)
And both were better than SRK in CE
no way but better than SRK in Guddu.
0 votes

I agree that Indian award shows are not -reliable- at times.

If you are talking in the context of Chennai Express, Rohit Shetty and SRK being nominated for the awards then let me tell you that It was not decided by Filmfare jury instead an online polling was conducted in which SRK and Rohit were nominated. So it wont be fair to bash Filmfare for what viewers Nominated.

Just think, If you put up Irrfan Khan against SRK in an online poll, do you think that Irrfan will have a chance?? So chill. SRK's performance in CE is not worthy for the award, and even his fan's knows that. But If you have a chance to make your star win an award, how shitty(not SRK, Aamir) his performance maybe, you will vote for him.

And yes, If they give the critic's awards to SRK for CE or Ranbir for YJHD then I will be the one calling Fakefare coz thats up to the Jury. But for now, I dont agree with you as it wasn't Filmfare's choices.

If Aamir was nominated then SRK fans would have been the one calling it Fakefare and bashing it. Its a symbiotic process...

answered by anonymous
@Razutmg143 Duh, when asking for Best actor _Popular_, what do you expect? Its a popularity contest. Your whole argument will be valid If SRK is even nominated for Critics award which is up to FilmFare.
@Abbie I know its not a popularity contest but cant you look at the nomination? Best Actor(Popular) yaar. Do you get that?

I dont know whether its credible or not but what I'm saying is If all this hoopla is for SRK being nominated, then thats not correct from your side.

And your argument about Aamir not being nominated is absolutely correct and is valid and I agree to it completely.
yaar is Dhoom 3 not considered in Filmfare2014????r they gonna count it in 2015......cz not seeing even one nomination of it
Does FILMFARE nominate best actor awards by online polls?
0 votes

FILMFARE =Filmunfare, not fake fare

answered by Unit Manager (30.8k points)
–1 vote

I Know Why You Are Saying So!Arre Nomination Jo Hua Wo Voting Ki Wajah Se,Jisko Jyada Voting Mila,Usko Nomination Mila....
Check Here,What They Has Writen- http://awards.filmfare.com/best-film.php
"The Power Is In Your Vote.You Decide On Who Get Award.So,Go Ahead And Vote"

answered by Producer (101k points)
And For SRK's Nomination.I Agreed That He Doesn't Deserve This Year....Akshay Deserves For Special 26....And Ranbir Also Shouldn't Deserve....BTW,Ye Public Ka Opinion Hai Critics Ka Nahin....

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