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The main reason behind YJHD's success is the neutral support of audiences for Ranbir Kapoor.
The main reason behind YJHD's success are :
Rejection of movies released before YJHD
Ideal release (solo release+Post IPL period)
Wide release (around 3100 screens)
Youth oriented subject
Consecutive flops after YJHD's release
Major release after a long time!
Ranbir and Deepika together after breakup
Music album of the film was the biggest hit in recent times
* Positive reviews despite of average content! (Good WOM)

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lol! You meant free run for weeks at the consecutive flop thing. Some other reasons were, great WOM, Barfi's success, first rom-com movie after an even longer time, Aditya, supporting character, had became quite a lot famous after A2. Also, Whereas I know, it released in 3050 screens.
YJHD was released in 3100+ screens!
I didn't knew that, thanks for the info.
Happy to help you! Lol!
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post IPL has always been a very fruitful period for big movies,so this is the 1st reason that YJHD opened huge.also audience were waiting for a long period for a good romantic film and also audience were just eager to see the romantic pair of Ranbir & Deepika on screen.also YJHD had the content which very much appealed to the youths.lastly rest all films which released after YJHD in the coming weeks were rejected by the audience which helped to collect YJHD such a huge amount even with an average content

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To be honest i liked the Movie it is good movie not average Movie according to me

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