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2008 interview.

2009 interview
Srk slams Aamir Khan.

2011 interview
I am still King Khan, even my bad films do well.

2011 interview
I am here to rule, don't mess with this.

2013 interview

This is just to shower some light on different moods of the superstar in different phases he had to face. Don't answer it if you just want to spread negativity. These interviews are a reflection of how Srk struggled in the days where he was surrounded with a lot of negativity to the ways how he overcame it which inturn built his confidence as a superstar.

Do share your views.

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awesome i loved reading all of them. shows aamir's insecurity and insensitiveness just like some of his fans and last but not the least it shows that SRK always was and will be on top. HNY is around the corner for commercial success. rahul dholakia will provide him with some awards and then ofcourse their is R balki again for awards but do i even need to say that these offbeat films will also gross higher then other so called top stars offbeat films

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dhobi ghat, andaz apna apna, mangal pandey. talash failing to gross 100 cr in this age and time. need i say more


a handful of hits for aamir. katrina has more hits then him lol. now ur gonna talk about quality of cinema then why did u, being a idiot that u are, mentioned swades.

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Shows what a pompous and insecure man SRK is..........

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insecure is aamir and his fans


le neg vote

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Sharukh is the most arrogant superstar in the history of bollywood always claims to be the best even btr than legends like amitabh dilip kumar and rajesh khanna

His ego and attitude resulted in his downfall
look where is he today

Aamir is more successful as an actor as well as producer he is regarded as man having best script sense and unmatched marketing skills
Even Aamir hater sites calls Aamir best actor of this generation.
Aamir is a Brand today he is Like ISI mark for bollywood movies his goodwill is unparalleled

Aamir's commercial success is also btr than srk

overall Aamir will end up in top 3 along with salman and amitabh and srk will struggle to enter top 5 will have to compete with dharamendra and rajesh khanna with dilip kumar already having a place in top 5


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Shahrukh is a stupid arrogant jealous person. Still can't cross Dhoom 3 forget Dangal lol.

Ace is a megastar who redefined Bollywood..............


Read this Rancho

If this is a joke, then aamir calling himself no 1 in 2008-09 was also one..... That was the first and last time , Aamir never called himself no 1 after that


yes kashyap bro i knw Aamir never boasts abt his achivements

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These r not jst particular phases.......phases part comes in first ten years of career i believe.....when it is really hard to understand success n failure.........in later years, these r jst interviews given in different moods......esp. these kinda interviews i imagine to be taken in when SRK is relaxing n using cigarette after cigarette.....in a closed room, u sometimes show ur arrogant side better..............plus, take that interview the next day, he may act really humble.....waisay bhi actors hain, inhay to apni asal personality bhi bhool jaati hai aksar
i believe that phases part in later years can be seen better in press conferences rather than these interviews which act as a meditation n they say a lot of things to make themselves feel good.....jst a theory...maybe wrong

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Its a joy to read or listen to srk, such a well informed and witty guy, no one gets his sense of humour, but one of those rare stars who can make a joke on themselves too.

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What do you want to prove? That what salman does is no different!
Very shameful of you wasted a lot of time just to favour one and oppose one! You disrespected a guy one of the biggest star in india perhaps one of the most true human being who regularily donates in crores per year for cancer ward in aims, delhi.. 'cause like the way he has lost his parents no other lose.. But how will you understand! Fake sites ke overrated crap post show kar diye.. Hadh hai! Ek stupid fan ka grudge.. Best peronality pe nikal diya.. Bina kujh soche!

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Since when did Nagarjuna's films started affecting other star's films? Jokes apart, Bhai will open big like any Nagarjuna starrer but I don't think it would be a film to have a good long run. Plus it's a routine flick made to just please Nagarjuna fans & Nagarjuna hasn't delivered a clean hit for a long time now.

As far as Magadheera's record is concerned, that's an exaggerated record at it's best. Telugu films have a market lesser than Tamil industry so no it's near to impossible for a Telugu film to make such record even now as far as domestic records are concerned so you can imagine wot would've been the scenario back in 2009.


Thanks that you told the reality behind Magadheera.
And what are your expectations with vijay's 'jilla'.. 100 crores worldwide share is possible ?


With Thalaivaa's debacle I better not predict Vijay's films, plus it's produced by R.B.Choudhary whose last hit film was Rachcha (2012) *ing Ram Charan & needless to say it was one of the worst films of 2012, so apart from Mohan Lal - Vijay sharing screen space, I don't see anything positive about the movie. Also the director of this film used to be assistant director of M.Raja, who has only done remakes infact they should be called cut,copy & paste films, so wot can you expect from a new director who has been trained under M.Raja?!


But news about it coming much better, some are saying that this is the best of vijay until now.. But yeah! These people always say like this only.. And anythin can happen.. A new director only has made ddlj.. So anythin can happen this festiv season.. Wishes are with vijay..