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hahk and mpk...............
You probably are taking boxoffice and footfalls, so yeah I agree with that KKHH name. Other than that, none I think, according to at least BOI.
yeah mahn.....only 1.6cr footfalls and they called it an all time blockbusters i mean if that was the case then there would be at least 29 more all time blockbusters which were never given all time blockbuster status ........

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Maine pyaar kiya,Raja hindustani,Gajhini,Ram teri ganga meli,Aanken,Jai santoshi maa.
Dabbang is bb not atbb.

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Aankhen 1993 because that year beta also scores same.

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Maine pyar kiya n Ghajini.

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Haha yad hai kaise rab ne ka balatkar kiya tha ghajini ne,rab ne se 3 din pehle d2 ko ghajini cross kar gaya and ended 29cr ahead of rab ne lol..
Even then its gross collections were less than adjusted gross of K3G. Dat way even K3G shud be an ATBB. BOI ne Aamir ko 2 ATBB bheekh me di hain, RH n Ghajini. Aamir ka to career hi bheekh par chal raha h. Pehle producer baap se debut film bheekh me li, phir boi se atbb bheekh me mili aur phir hirani se 3 idiots aur p.k. bheekh me le li.
Adjusted lmao,that way sholay ke bad koi atbb nahi.abe jab dimag na ho,knowledge na ho kisi cheez ka to bhauka nahi karte pagal bhikari ki tarah
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Raja hindustani.................also by focusing on content!

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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Not Deserves?Are You Joking?
If KKHH Not Deserves,Then MPK,Ghajini,RH,Aankhein,RTGM,JSM Are Not Deserves....

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How ghajini doesnt deserve imbecile.It beat d2 by 34cr and rab ne by 29cr,and it even crossed d2 b4 rab ne lol though rab ne released 12 days b4.
It Is According To His Logic....Ghajini Is Not Bigger Hit Than KKHH.Even K3G Is Bigger Hit Than Ghajini...
Aukat me reh smrutiraj.ghajini footfall were 2.2cr,kkhh and k3g ka ff 1.9cr se bhi kam hai
Aukat Pe Tu Reh Navogaya,Footfalls Not Matters For Bigger Hit.Aise Brainless Ki Tarah Baat Mat Kar.Ye Le,Dekh Le- http://www.boxofficeindia.com/showProd.php?itemCat=127&catName=MjAwMC0yMDA5
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Jai santoshi ma,Ram teri Ganga Maili,Maine pyaar kiya,aankhen,DDLJ,Raja Hindustani,KKHH,Dabangg didnt deserve ATBB coz they didnt beat the previous record by somewhat good margin.Sholay,HAHK,Gadar(beat hahk by 6cr,6cr then was big),Ghajini(was 34cr above D2 and 29cr above rab ne),3 idiots,D3 deserve it.

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Lmao if kkhh deserves then how RH doesnt(and also ghajini),which collected more than kkhh 2 yrs b4.Fact is SRK and his fans are big losers.
Who said ghajini isn't deserved...check my answer I focused content mainly. And ur last line (Srk and his fans are big loosers) is neither logic, neither important speech, neither joke. That's for quarrel and I'm not interested!
bo wise - all movies deserve atbb tag given by boi.u and other aamir fans are big jealoua srk haters.aamir is one of my fav actor.thats y i dont say bad about.
Karan check when i answered,i answered only after some srk'ians took the names of ghajini,RH..Infact in my answer i still added RH

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