+10 votes
Dabangg 3 (0 votes)
Dhoom 3 (2 votes, 25%)
Don 3 (3 votes, 38%)
Krrish 3 (3 votes, 38%)
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Considering Don 3 isn't even in post production yet, I think, but still I am waiting for the film and am excited, it means that when the release date comes near, I will be superbly excited. At the time, I am most excited for Krrish 3, because of Hrithik, Technology, poster, etc. Then D3, then Don 3 and then Dabangg 3. If I see that how much excited I will probably get when all of their release date comes near, then Don 3 will be the best.

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Now Its Krrish3>>Don3>>Dhoom3....I Have No Interest In Dabangg3 After Dabangg2!!

answered by Star (141k points)
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D3 followed by Krrish3...................

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As of now Krrish3 & Dhoom3

answered by Production Accountant (27.8k points)

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