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With Positive WOM.....

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Many holidays, Hrithik, Technology, Sequel Advantage, huge hype, all this would make the opening perhaps 130 crore. 72.5 crore is a big deal for any movie, but Rakesh was able to provide good WOM for KMG and Krrish, plus it has a dark story, so it won't be childish, meaning it can get good to very good WOM, so it has huge chances of beating the record, and if all goes well, it might do that with a huge margin too.

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With positive WOM,Krrish3 can break 3idiots record but still that will not so easy because it will easily collect 185-190crores but for the last 15-20crores it will have to perform exceptionally well in 4th&5th week which will be tough though not impossible

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Wid gud WOM,Yes....bt hv 2 see dat Indian audience will accept a superhero thriller or nt!!

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Yes Krrish 3 has potential to break each & every record

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