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Dont You think that Aashiqui 3 shouldn't be made any time soon? For me, it should be made after 10 or 15 years; what do you say??

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10-15 years is a too long gap.i think 5 years gap will be an ideal one so that the audience have atleast some memory of Aashiqi2 in their mind then it will be more advantageous for the film but i think the makers of A2 Will definitely come up with its sequel within 2 years because it has now become a very successful trend to come up with a sequel of a successful film to make more money and also the sequels of a successful film rarely dissappoint at the BO

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I think they should not make unless they get a good script if they get good script now they can make it now only if they don't get proper script they should wait for it

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I think Aashiqui 3 will be made in a year or so! The reason behind that is the greed of makers, They will do anything to fool audiences and to rake in crores! By looking at the current nature of Indian Cinema a remake wont be a bad idea and the makers wont think twice!

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A remake of a film just released, in south is good, but in hindi, nope. In south, many don't even watch that one, but many watch A2.

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