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because films like Lootera have very limited mass appeal and very limited number of audience go to watch these kind of movies & positive reviews do not always ensure healthy boxoffice collections

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For me - It isnt time yet to rule Lootera out as a failure. The trend is positive and collections will surely go up these weekdays. So a failure? n. But average? Yes!

These are completely normal for a movie with no Face value, so its not a complete failure and it is not time yet to rule it out! with a jump over 30% each throughout the weekend - Ye Picture Abhi Baaki he mere Dost!!

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Reviews r possitive bt the WOM is mixed to good...bCz Masses neglect the film completely...& the slow pace screenplay is onother reason of the Lootera's un-healthy boxoffice performance...film is made for targeted audience,and they jst loved the film...bt dat won't help the film 2 be a big grossing film....

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