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My Favourite Movies : Anand MNJ

Anand - 4.8
MNJ - 4.0
Guide - 4.5
Bawarchi - 4.6 (a master piece)
Chupke Chupke - 4.3

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How confusing!! u said ur fvrte movies r MNJ & Anand...and u rated bawarchi,cccc & guide more then MNJ..& if bawarchi (u rated 4.6) is a masterpiece,den why nt anand? (u rated 4.8)
Hmm. i expected this question.... Answer - I liked one movie... it does nt mean.. tht movie is best in every sense...   MNJ has flaws.. but still mnj is my fav movie.. Got it?
Bawarchi is masterpiece coz they presented it really well.. Rk is too good.. perfect in every sense.  .. In some ways. Bawarchi is underrated movie .. thts why i specially mentioned " a masterpiece"    .
Anand is my favourite RK did great job in this movie also. really heart touching..  ..  MOVIE+ Acting  .... I can watch this movie 100 times... So 4.8 (more than Bawarchi) ....
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out of these my favourite is Anand & Chupke Chupke.i am rating the movies which i have watched:Mera Naam Joker-3/5,Anand-4.5/5,Guide-4/5,Chupke Chupke-4/5

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You havent watched bawarchi??????
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Anand is my all time fvrte..Anand 5/5,Guide 4.5/5,amar prem 3.5/5,CCCC 4/5,Mera naam joker 3.5/5

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hvnt watched

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