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Nice song..Beautiful picturisation and Soothing vocals..Daisy shah gives glimps of Rani Mukherjee (later phase of her ccarrier)

http://www.cinespot.net/gallery/d/1114582-1/Daisy Shah Photos in Akramana.jpg

answered by Producer (108k points)
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Anushka sharma aur rani mukherjee ka mixture hai ye...
yaa..she looks a bit like Rani Mukherjee(later phase)..and Anushka( from RNBDJ and BBB)
Haan..waisa hi feel de rahi ye..
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awesome man just loved the video also

answered by Production Accountant (26.2k points)
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Very good song !!!

answered by Director (130k points)
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yeah its the best song of the whole album...........

answered by anonymous
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this song is proof sallu miya likes fat heroines sona aunt and daisy aunty.

answered by Unit Manager (32.1k points)

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