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WTF , SALMAN KHAN not even in top 3 superstars list 1994 of BOI inspite giving one of the biggest ATBBs of Bollytwood History while Shahrukh on top without having a success , Can anyone explain this Sh*t ?
asked in Old by anonymous

2 Answers

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Bro read this you will get to know.....http://www.boxofficeindia.com/showProd.php?itemCat=324&

Due to BOI star ranking criteria and the formula they use,someone who is consistent have a chance of having better position......Salman before HAHK had 7 flops(including 4 disasters) and after HAHK he had 3 flops including 2 disasters....BOI consider an 18 month period,and in that period till the end of 1994,Salman had 6 films,out of which 3 disasters,2 flops and 1 ATBB.......So Shahrukh scored coz he was more consistent in that 18 month period

answered by All Time best! (267k points)
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ah thanks for the info bro now i get it , aise ache informative answers dene main kia jaata hai aap ka ?
Rocco bro..i selected this answer on your behalf so that everyone can see it...you can change it if you want to
@rocco-sawal tera hai isliye dhang se jawab diya aur shahrukh ka praise bhi kiya,baki kuch bandar hai unka sawal bhi bekar hota to jawab bhi bekar dunga na :p
No problem Farhan bro,  I was going to select this one dont worry
At Navo bro han wo to nazar a raha hai and I appreciate that you answered my question correctly
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I think that is wrong the type the magnitude of success that hahk was salman deserved to be in top 3 or even no 1 and they made Hr no 1 after knph and after kmg he was back in top 3,sunny was in top 3 after gadar so why not salman and another thing Hr deserved to be no 1 after 2006...

answered by Director (130k points)
Yeah man, and more shocking was SRKs presence in the list without having a succes , but  i think they took him in the list bcuz of 2 cults BAAZIGAR AND DARR , cults atleast for me

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