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firstly i didnt note it but now for the last 3-4 answers,i have checked it & found that i have been awarded only 6 points for posting an answer.please check it for other users & all of my answers.i think there is some problem

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It was 10 points earlier, But Navo told me that, It's too much for posting an answer/question, So I changed it to 6 points. Nope, There's nothing to worry about.

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@others-dude 10 for posting is wayy too much man.......people can give whatever answer they want just for points...give a great answer,and you will ger 40 points if selected as best
But 6 is way too less.  our forum is new.. we need users..     New user gnna participate more if points for posting question/answer are more.....
@superhero, even if it is 10, then we'll have to increase the points to 12 or 15 for an upvote which is 8 now and if we do that then 40 points for best answer wouldn't be enough.this will be way too much...
Ok  then leave it  .. go ahead with 6 points...

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