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Nope!! Only The Climax Is Inspired By The Story...Lootera Based On A True Story Held In Manipur....Itz A Masterpiece,& The Best Film Of The Year..My Ratings-4.5/5

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Ok Thanks.....   Now vote on my question
Ok Done!! Nw Choose My Answr As Best :p
Yeah sure.. nt bcoz of vote..   your ans is actually best :-)
i never heard anyone from the team of lootera saying anything about manipur,they only said it was inspired from the last leaf,and considering i stay in the same state as you criminal,i dont know from where you actually said that
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it is a masterpiece for me.the script,the performances & the music-all are just outstanding but it is sure that it will not collect much at the boxoffice.my rating 4.5/5.i think only Climax is inspired from the story The Last Leaf

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