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The probable business of Laxmii would have been around 110 crore nett if it was released on a non holiday. A Diwali release would actually mean the film doing well as it would have racked up big numbers in Gujarat which is super strong on Diwali with extended holidays and a circuit where these type of films have a bigger following. A Diwali release would have meant Mumbai circuit doing around 55-60 crore nett and all India going to around 140 crore nett. This is taking ticket rates at the level of February.The circuits which have business from Gujarat and Maharashtra would have outperformed and three circuits fall into this category Mumbai, CP Berar and Nizam. The outperformance here would not only be because of Diwali but because these type of films score more in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Mumbai circuit ratio was sure to be above 40% while the poor performqnce would have come in East Punjab and Mysore. Delhi / UP would also have struggled though the the 3-4 days holiday in UP post Diwali would have meant a respectable number for the Delhi / UP circuit. The probable circuit numbers of the film on Diwali would probably have been as follows.

In terms of recent Akshay Kumar starrers it would have fared better than the likes of Pad Man and Gold and this would have been even without a Diwali release. It would have probably be the sixth highest grosser Akshay Kumar assuming a normal situation Diwlai release. This is how it would have fitted with the other Akshay Kumar films in recent times.



1 .Housefull 4 - 206 crore (Diwali 2019)


2. Good Newwz - 196 crore (New Year 2020)


3. Mission Mangal - 193 crore (Independence 2019)


4. 2.0 (Hindi) - 186 crore (November 2019)


5. Kesari - 151 crore (Holi 2019)


6. Laxmii - 141 crore  Diwali 2020) PROBABLE


7. Toilet Ek Prem Katha - 132 crore (Independence 2017)


8. Jolly LLB - 108 crore (Valentines 2017)


9. Gold - 102 crore (Independence 2018)


10. Pad Man - 78 crore (Republic 2018)

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6102
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What sort of sorcery is this?


now this is one weird article

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Ajao akki fans Sanjeeva etc now look what boi has instore for all of u #Sanjeeva yaad hai what i have told u yesterday in some other post that Laxmii would struggle big time if had it been in theaters and c BOI has given 110cr and i think 110cr is also exaggerated coz going by the movie it would do max 80-90cr and wpuld get Disaster tag but thanks to BOI

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It was a bad movie. And every time a HF4 won't happen. In a clash, Lakshmii was screwed badly.

Sooryavanshi and Prithviraj are his best bets to get to 300cr now.


He wont cross 300cr even wd SV leave aside prithvi


Rohit shetty is a sureshot guarantee, he's the biggest director today along with RKH. Prithviraj is a historical and seeing the current political scenario in India should do big numbers


Lol Tanveer. Now BOI ka article maanega tu? Pehle toh BOI was a Akki ka die hard fan and writes articles in his favour. And abhi showing me his article? Cool

Secondly, I still stand by my statement. OTT results can not determine what the movie would have collected at the Box office. That way dil bechara would have been 500cr had it released in theatres.

140cr means 1-1.1cr footfalls. The film isn't good, even I know. But there is an audience for such films and they would have made it a bigger hit. This is just another nonsense article of Harminder.

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I disagree slightly with this article as it would have crossed 100 crores even with clash. Without a proper holiday, it would have done between 125-150 crores. With Diwali, it was sure to have gone above 150+ and maybe end up around 170-175 crores.
All these predictions are after we know the word-of-mouth surrounding the movie. Had the film been relying on positive word-of-mouth like Good Newwz, then a 200 crore would have been possible.
This movie would have opened between 30-35 crores and been his 7th bumper opener.
Even in the worst scenario, it would be a Hit. This doesn't seem satisfying as well now, which shows the grip he has on his audience.
It would be his 15th 100 crore-club and 6th back-to-back 1 crore footfalls movie.
Anyway, it is a successful movie and his streak of giving successes won't end anytime soon.
From this movie, I can easily say all his next movies will open huge (specially Sooryavanshi and PrithviRaj).
By 2021-2022, he can rightfully be called a "Superstar".
As he has 4-5 releases in 2021, let's see whether he can repeat for a third time the RARE feat of giving back-to-back 4 Hits (1994, 2019, 2021*). He missed it in 2007 due to semi-hit.

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I agree with you on this. Maybe not on the collections, as I expect more than 175cr on a holiday. But that is something no one can ever predict.

BOI has always supported Akshay, Salman and Tiger and despite being a fan of Akki, I don't deny this. Some of his articles in favour of him is 100% PR in the forefront which annoys me sometimes. But this is probably his worst article ever. Even if he said the collections would have been 200-250cr instead of 140, I would have still called him out. From OTT viewership you can't determine it's BO Collection. The OTT penetration is not that strong in India and the single screen crowd would rather watch *** version than subscribe to Hotstar.

Regarding his future films, SV, Prithviraj have to be blockbusters. He deserves more Blockbusters to his name and definitely a 300cr grosser from atleast one of these. The other films are small budget high concept films which will open well on his stardom and sustain depending on WOM. Only Bachan Pandey is the concern for me because of Lord Farhad Samji.

He is a true Superstar right now and everyone knows this. There are just some annoying fans of other fandoms who wish to pull down all his efforts everytime instead of appreciating him.

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