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I mean obviously these fake handles are getting paid because no one will get manipulated and start hating Bollywood. And so many abuses against almost all actors related to Bollywood.

So if some celebrity takes action against some handle be it small or big and who knows this might start scaring the remaining negative batallion on twitter and they might calm down.

And suppose if Cyber crime officers take strict actions against any of this Bot/Person after the complaint then who knows he might even reveal the agency or the Gang behind this paid people by revealing their Masters names.

So I feel some Bollywood celebrities should take action even if it's a small time paid poor person so that seeing him others will remain calm.

Like on twitter, celebs like Mika Singh, Diljit etc give it for tat replies those who are commenting on their timeline. Atleast these celebs have guts to reply back.

What's your take on this question ? Should bollywood celebrities give it for tat and start utilizing their powers because sitting calm isn't giving them anything. For the Khan gang, I feel they should remain calm at this moment otherwise again we will get to hear Pakistan, Jihadi, Dawood, Deshdrohi etc etc.
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Whatever they do, they will face backlash. Akshay posts a video, he was trolled, he launched the FAUG app, he was called a thief and killer, GoQii released a press statement denying the rumours, again they faced backlash.

Salman posted one tweet, he was trolled. Aamir didn't post any condolence tweet, even he had to face the brunt.

People are arrested for spreading fake news and here again people will say that Anti Hindu Liberal gang is behind this.

Whether the actors file a case or they reply to these trolls or just ignore them; there will be 1000s of fake accounts that will be created to bring them down, irrespective of what the actors do. It is just a paid agenda and its sad that genuine Sushant fans aren't able to get any sort of justice, whether murder or abetment to suicide.

Regarding the last statement about "Khan" gang, whoever speaks up will be called anti-Hindu, anti-nationalist, ISI agent and what not. Let the theatres open and the bigger films release and all this should reduce ideally.

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Putting your hand in such dirt will invite even more dirt. Hence no dtar wants to get involved in such shit. As Sanjeeva rightly said, once things come back to 100%normal, these bots shall deactivate their account and go into hiding.

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