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People will anyhow won't come rushing to theaters but still there is a chance of earning 60 crore atleast as it's a Big movie and not a small film.

So why not take a risk and do that as it's still 10 days for the film's release and people are hungry for big films.

BOI also said 5000 tickets were sold which is good for a No new content release..
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Now it will be a disaster to have a big screen release. Simultaneous releases won't work now. And now no time left to make any kind of agreement.

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Exactly, mahn!
Makers took the decision too early. Maybe they thought that Cinemas will not open till the end of the year and even after that situation will be grim.
But, here we will be having almost all the Cinemas operating by Diwali and 5000 tickets without almost an year old content is real good in these times.
I believe there is still a window where makers can negotiate with exhibitors and release the movie in theaters by pushing the Ott release by couple weeks. It will be a win win situation for everyone. But, I don't see things moving in this direction now.

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According to reports, Hotstar has paid 150cr for Laxmmi Bomb. Though this makes no sense at all as Fox Star is the distributor of the film and Hotstar is their own platform so even if a transaction takes place, it's like transferring money from one account to another account within the same company.

Now the film was supposed to release in September on Akki's birthday, but whether it was the Boycott gang or there actually was patch work left for the film according to the director which led to it's delay by 2 months I dont know.

But yes. The producers decided to release it online very soon. The argument can be made that Hotstar needed more subscription that's why they decided to release LB and Bhuj online, it makes no sense to delay the release so much especially now that IPL has started and people have purchased subscription for it.

Releasing in theatres will be very tough. Infact, it will make no sense as the film would be streaming online and at the same time release in theatres. It would be a disaster theatrically. It is too late now and sadly I don't see it releasing in the theatres. They have made a huge blunder to release it on Hotstar as this was a sure shot Super Hit/Blockbuster had it released in the theatres.

Chalo theek hai. He still has 6 more films to release theatrically. Aaram se 2021 mei dekh lenge sab!

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