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I see some people on Twitter saying its coming on Republic Day but I'm sure he will come on Eid. What's his plan after this movie wraps up? I heard he has dates after Oct to shoot antoher but I think he start with Tiger 3.


If things go back to normal early next year then he won't wait till EID. Sooryavanshi & 83 will get priority release followed by Radhe.

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Hope megastar wipes out the disappointments of his last outing. Expecting a much better movie this time.

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Hey in10s ..do you think jackie shroff and disha patani would kiss in the film ?

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Next blockbuster from the Megastar of majorhits

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I hope this movie will conjure up those Sultan days..Hoping for the best..finger crossed!!

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Salman aur MEGASTAR

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@mumbo jumbo what is there to worry? What fans call or not call their favorite is their thing.

learning the history of cinema is an entirely different thing. Who cares for fans there? That is where people are taught what to believe and what not to. In that sense, I am never the one in need of looking back. I can re-study it all again, this time not as a course, coz it's fun to study.

Next time, try forming an opinion of your own and get strong enough to sell it. Then, come & ask me to re-look.


Only 4-5 delusional fans will call him MEGASTAR here for rest he has many names.


@suhas i said there are those many according to fans
in telugu chiranjeevi is given that that title even in movie credits and in general telugu media , even before him NTR garu was another huge figure in the industry

whereas in bollywood there is no title as such all star fans call their favourite hero a megastar but if anyone deserve that title in north its Amitabh bachchan


@Nithin NTR Sr was not the first for Telugu. There still existed huge superstars. Even ANR was gigantic. NTR Sr expanded his reach beyond cinema. Ofcourse others did but not to his extent. So don't think NTR Sr for Telugu & MGR for Tamil were the only ones for that time.

Bollywood didn't went that way. They had clear cut titles like Angry Young Man for Big B. Showman for Raj Kapoor which again is used for Subhash Ghai. Dev Anand was called Gregory Peck of India. And to think it was his love Suraiya who called him Gregory Peck of India. Don't assume Bollywood actors were devoid of titles pre- Big B. Even Shammi was called Elvis Presley of India. There is a clear cut journey of these titles which actors got associated with.

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