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Vinod Khanna Birthday: शोहरत की बुलंदियों को छुआ, फिर सब कुछ छोड़कर संन्यासी बन गए थे विनोद खन्ना

Remembering the original handsome hunk of Bollywood Vinod Khanna on his birth anniversary. He was known for his dashing looks, charming avatar and a charismatic personality.

बॉलीवुड के दिग्गज एक्टर विनोद खन्ना का आज 74वां जन्मदिन है। उन्होंने अपनी एक्टिंग से लोगों के दिलों में खास जगह बनाई। भले ही वह इस दुनिया में नहीं हैं, लेकिन उनके काम को आज भी याद किया जाता है। विनोद खन्ना की निजी जिंदगी काफी चर्चा में रही। एक वक्त ऐसा था जब वह अपने बेहतरीन करियर और परिवार को छोड़कर आध्यात्म की तरफ मुड़ गए थे।

विनोद खन्ना साल 1975 में आध्यात्म गुरु ओशो के संपर्क में आ गए थे। जानकारी के मुताबिक, वह पुणे के ओशो आश्रम में कई सालों तक रहे थे। वह ओशो के साथ अमेरिका भी गए और उनकी सेवा में लगे रहते थे। वह ओशो के पर्सनल गार्डन के माली भी बने। इसके अलावा वह वाशरूम से लेकर बर्तन तक साफ करने का काम किया करते थे।



​​​​​​​Some of my fav movies of him are

Qurbani AAA MGMD MKS Chaandni The Burning Train MTTAK

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Vinod Khanna is the only superstar who could have given some competition to Bachchan at that time
Good actor and a very handsome hunk

My favourite movies AAA Qurbani TBT Chaandni

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The Most Handsome actor in Bollywood imo , A perfect mixture of looks and masculinity

In the song Hum tumhe chahte hain aise , i was looking more at Vinod Khanna than the gorgeous Zeenat Aman

Only he could give some sort of competition to Bachchan but he left industry in late 70s even after delievering a massive Blockbuster in Qurbani

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Most complete personality of indian cinema..........

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Vinod Khanna started his career in villain roles but his career took off by late 70s where he was able to establish himself as hero. Most of his biggest Hits were multistarrers like Patthar Aur Payal, Hera Pheri, Paravish, Amar Akbar Anthony, Muqdddar Ka Sikandar & Qurbani.

In late 70s or early 80s, he went into politics which I felt was bad move when his stardom was there but he wasted it. However, he was in good form when Qurbani was a Blockbuster and HGOTY.

He had a solo Hit in 1990 when Jurm was a success but that decade he was fading away as he slowly began doing character roles.

There's no denying he was a star but not huge compared to Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Jeetendra and ect.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to this late actor and his talent was excellent. I'd like to mention his son Akshaye Khanna who also gave good performances as well but did not have the same success as his father.

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Vinod Khanna, probably the only superstar in that era who had what it takes to give tough competition to rising superstardom of Amitabh Bachchan. Rajesh Khanna's superstardom was in the verge of declining while Dharmendra had started playing with his stardom with extremely repetitive films which left with Vinod Khanna

l in that era all big hits were multistarrers , he also had a solo blockbuster in Main tulsi tere aangan ki earlier and in was also his only as feroz wasnt a big star

but he disapperared in 78/79 and wasted his stardom esp after Qurbani and MQS

HE Was At His Peak He Became A Top League Big Star With Back To Back Big Hits And Mega Blockbusters Along With Many Success Like Qurbani Parvarish Amar Akbar Anthony, , Khoon Pasina, Inkaar, Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki, Daku Aur Jawan But He Shocked The Industry And Took Retirement,

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A potential superstar wasted, highly underrated as an actor

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