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As a fan it was so heartening to see a record opening for HR, his avatar in the movie is what us die hard fans want to see. Hie entry scene in the movie with Tiger awestruck, has a separate fan base altogether. I hope War 2 comes soon.
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This was one great film! The action sequences were spectacular, the dance numbers were brilliant and HR and Tiger's bromance was the highlight of the film. While the climax is a bit far fetched and something that seems improbable, but as an audience I bought it because the film was a fun ride until the big plot twist.

I loved the teaser and trailer of the film, but I had the same feelings when TOH released, so I kept my expectations very very low. I came out gleaming with joy because the film was that good! I have seen it multiple times on TV and on Prime.

It's not a perfect film as some of the sequences are questionable, but the film is on par with James Bond and Mission Impossible and other high octane action films.

While HR was the highlight of the film, Tiger's contribution shouldn't be forgotten. Hopefully he will star in more films like this one instead of churning out Baaghi's and Heropanti's.

The other Gandhi Jayanti release with the same actor-director Bang Bang was extremely under whelming in terms of execution. Another reason why I kept my expectations for War very low.

Hoping for War 2 to be announced soon and for HR to get his a** off his chair and go out and do some more movies!

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Sanjeeva, Tiger wasn't showcased well enough. The character was poorly written and the twist of the face surgery was laughable. The story was too convenient. Hope the script is better in War 2 and yeah....waiting for this and Krrish 4.


Yeah it was laughable and highly convenient. And the way Hrithik finds out in the film was also too convenient. But somehow I bought into it. I didn't question the film for taking such a bizarre twist because until then I was enjoying the action sequences and the stunts.

Probably I was in a good mood that day and didn't question the logic, but overall I enjoyed it. I had set my expectations to zero, so the film was much better than that lol.

Krrish 4.. Not sure about this. It will be a big hit for him, but I didn't enjoy the 3rd part too much. Anyway, it will be a treat for his fans, so the faster he announces it, the better.

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