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I've been a sucker for the action genre since the 90s era and I've witnessed the popularity of the action heroes. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty started the careers at the same time and they were once rivalries that decade. Suniel was a senior and older actor than Akki as he started his career in the late 80s. For example, Arzoo was supposed to be his debut but it got shelved. Then he had Ek Aur Fulad but that to got shelved until Balwaan became his official debut in 1992. There's no site that shows the verdict of Balwaan but I asked a cinema exhibitor who's from Mumbai and he said this movie was a Hit as it was sold for 10 lacs at the Mumbai territory.

When I meant rivalry, I mean they were not good terms with each other after the release of their first movie Waqt Hamara Hai. I heard Anna was upset that some of his solo scenes were cut off in the film due to the influence of Akshay's secretary who suggested this to the producer. That's when he vowed not to work with Akki although Mohra almost completed that time but they were not talking to each other. Plus, Hum Hain Beminsal was a delayed movie as both actors were not giving dates due to their fallout.

In 1993 and 1994 were both interesting years for these two because Sanik was a Flop but one year later Akshay gave a Hit in Suhaag and Dillagi. 1993 was where Anna had a Semi Hit in Pehchaan whilst 1994 he had a Super Hit in Dilwale although he played second fiddle to Ajay Devgn but Anna had big contribution the success as well as Ajay. Gopi Kishan to was a Semi Hit.

If we look back in 1994, Mohra was were both actors had a big contribution to the success but Gulshan Rai as the producer helped. Remember he's the same producer from Deewaar, Trishul, Vidhaata, Tridev and etc.

Box Office clash in 1994 with Anth vs Jai Kishen

Suniel Shetty had Anth which was slightly delayed because the censor board found out there was too much violence in the film. Makers needed a clearance to cut off some scenes due to what I said my first sentence. So release date was announced for June 1994 and when Akshay found, he decided to release his movie Jai Kishen.

Anth took a bigger opening than Jai Kishen and emerged a Semi Hit hence it worked in the B and C mass circuits. Akshay's movie was a Flop although it had one chartbuster song ''Jhoole Jhoole Lal Mast Kalandar''.

Anth was one of the biggest openers in 1994, in fact, bigger than Dilwale that year.

Patch up

Both actors patched things up by 1996 when they did Sapoot although it was a Flop due to it clashing with Sunny Deol's movie Gathak. In 1997 was where Anna had ATBB and HGOTY with Border and Semi Hit with Bhai that to clash with SRK's Dil To Pagal Hai.

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I guess initially both were on the same level, by the late 90s Akshay went ahead. And of course.....by the start of the 2000s, Anna was going down and Akshay charted out a new course in comedy which turned his career around completely

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Hoping to see them soon if Feroz Nadiadwala ever decides to make Heri Pheri 3 -_-


Hopefully the script will be good. HP is a cult movie. HP2 didn't do justice to the first movie at all. I dont want a 3rd part for the heck of it and waste Sunil, Akshay and Paresh"s talents.


You didn't like Phir Hera Pheri?

Okay it didn't match up to the cult status of Hera Pheri, but very rarely do you see a sequel better than the original, or even matching up to it.

If Hera Pheri 3 is made, it will be a huge grosser for all involved, unless the film is crass and filled with vulgarity. Potential highest grosser for Akshay. But Indra Kumar directing the film is a huge let down.


Found it very average Sanjeeva. Yeah somewhere in my mind I compared it with the first part.....which is unfair. The first movie is very tough to live up to. Yeah potential 200cr movie if made well.

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I like Sunil Shetty his action films in 90's were really good and he was main lead in Dilwale with Ajay Devgan and was fantastic in the film

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The post is well written! It's one of those comparisons which no one talks about, even though they have acted in many films.

Both of them had similar careers till 1996 I feel, though the edge might go to Akshay because of the Khiladi films. Post 1996 Akshay fell fast until Hera Pheri gave him the chance to venture into comedy. Anna was always an action star and with big hits like Dilwale and Mohra, despite 2 hero films and multi starrers, his performance in the film was always noteworthy. Border also was a multi starrer with a bigger star Sunny Deol.

I wasn't aware of the feud between them though. Thankfully they resolved their issues.

Sidenote: Is Dilwale worth a watch? I saw Suhaag and Waqt Humara Hai recently and thinking about watching more 90s action films.

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Dilwale is mostly an Ajay Devgn movie whilst Anna played second fiddle. Both actors had good chemistry but performance is where Ajay shines. His chemsitry with Raveena Tandon is excellent as well.

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there was no feud as such between the two there were some problems with Akshay's manager that sunil had

Sunil couldn't hold well post 95

Akshay was ahead overall and in top 5 with SRK Sunny Salman Aamir

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There was an issue between these two despite Akshay manager's influence.

Post-1995, Anna had a Semi Hit in Krishna. Rakshak had a good opening despite it being a Flop. 1997 was good but it would not be fair to discredit Suniel's contribution to Border's success even though Sunny was a bigger star than him. Bhai was worked in the small circuits despite losing a clash with SRK.

As far as the top five goes it was Khans, Sunny Deol and Govinda in the 90s era. Ajay Devgn was also a star as well along with Akshay and Suniel.


oh yes Govinda and Ajay too , i dont think sunil was a star though post 96

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Akshay all the way

In 90s After SRK and Sunny, Akshay got the biggest of the opening that too solo on his own , in mid 90s many of his movies opened to excellent and even bumper opening

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Well to be honest Suniel Shetty films were better both commercially & entertainement wise till Bhai. He has huge following among mass audience after Sunny Deol & Sanjay Dutt.
He had good action movies like Gopi Kishan, Vinashak, Rakshak, Balwaan & Krishna etc.
His 2 hero movies like Dilwale & Mohra were had his good contribution.
Akshay gets the lead from 2000's onwards.

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