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Priyanka Chopra's extrordinary perfect portrayal of the autistic person & Ranbir Kapoor show all the way,


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This is one of the sweetest movie bollywood had produced in this century. I was not planning to watch it but when I noticed critics raving it so much I changed my mind. The biggest surprise was the song in opening credits. This movie didn't waste a single minute in charming the audience.
Moreover, I guess after an astonishing performance in Rockstar this the movie which further established Ranbir as a terrific actor. I believe from the current A listers actors only Aamir and Ajay would have performed Barfi on par or better than Ranbir.

answered by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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isi liye kaha hypocrisy ki hadd , not even accepting
check both of your answers on the two posts and even before you constantly pick on ranbir , seen 100s of your comment

maine to direct hi comment kiya no need to be sarcastic


1) I not only taunt Ranbir, I taunt every single actor of this new generation including Ranveer, Varun, Tiger etc etc.

2) Hypocrisy tab hoti jab Ranbir ko bash karta aur RS, Tiger, Varun etc ki tareef karta. Which I do not do.

3) Apart from my favourite HR, I only admire and love watching the movies of the senior pros. The charm and the skills they have/had is big time missing in these new generation jokers.

Hence, now go back and check all my comments and answers and my dislike for all new actors, not just RK.

  The charm and the skills they have/had is big time missing in these
 new generation jokers.

lol still much better than your non actor favourites


Not the point. Just clarified. For me Ranveer is as shit as Ranbir. Varun and Tiger are equally shitty. I don't differentiate. I'm equally loving towards them all. I'd happily see a Race 3 or Mjo or JHMS or anything shitty by the seniors than watch the stuff made by the new generation.

You want to praise RK and be happy, go ahead. Everyone on the forum knows my hatred for these new jokers and its been fine till now. You can also choose to ignore it....if not keep at it. You calling HR do kaudi, ek kaudi or whatever doesn't make a difference to my life

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An absolute masterpiece in eyebrow lifting. This movie confirmed that Ranbir is once in a lifetime talent. I'm yet to see an actor emote so well with his eyebrows. Cult classic.

answered by Super-star (173k points)

Dude, I am not bashing Ranbir at all. Why are you becoming so insecure? :p See my other posts on him, I have enjoyed a lot of his films.

Intense ke saath conversation kar raha tha about a potential War 2! Shouldn't you be happy about it?

And also, is that the only Anti-Akshay thing people can say? 2 Blockbusters in 30 years? And one of those solo? On his birthday you called him the number 1 star of Bollywood. Ab kya hua? :p

Also, don't get me started on records Ranbir has to his name okay? No one is undermining other actor's efforts.

Now I can't wait for Bramhastra to release! If it's a good film, then I can finally enjoy a good sci-fi Bollywood movie. If it's bad, then I want to see your reaction!


dont act as so naiive !!! seen you do this indirect attack before too

himmat ho to khul ke bola kar ye laundiyo jaise harkate mat kiya kar


Lol indirect attack. Thoda sa trolling kia abhi and you feel offended. Kya bolu me abhi?

Sab actors ke saath karta hu me. Not just me, everyone will take an indirect dig at someone. For Akshay also I'll do the same. But theek hai, I won't post anything about RK if you feel offended.

That make you feel better?


no probs

Deleted it !!!!

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saw it multiple times in theatre , 1 or 2 two times just saw songs and came out of theatre and again went after sometime

One of the very best movie and performance of Ranbir Kapoor

Piggy Saurabh Shukla and Ileana were also good , excellent blend of music and cinematography

milte hai yun...

answered by Location Manager (6k points)
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Ranbir in Barfi was the best performance of the last decade among all the actors imo

also Ileana was my last crush in Bollywood

A beautiful movie

answered by Set Designer (2.1k points)

Alag level ka fan war hai yeh! Hrithik V/S Ranbir!

Both of them haven't had any controversies between each other, nor any clashes on the same date, nor do they have the same ex-girlfriends, fir bhi itna bada fan war on this forum because of you guys lol!

Grabbing my popcorn! Continue the fight!


Fan war needs competition na. How can I argue with a guy who makes 12 fake accounts and keeps coming back with new ID's and new favorites? Hence let him be. He will make a 13th account soon and have a new favorite soon.


yaaa thanks i have 100 more accounts , i dont do fan wars with non actors fan in fact i dont even hate hrithik vo to is gawaar ki wajah se bechaare ke maje leta hun


Yeah continue mumbo. Ganwaar ? Nice. Any more nice choice of words and be banned again.

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One of the best performance of R.K.

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)
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Decent film. One time watch for me. One of those rare Bollywood films devoid of masala becoming such a huge hit at the box office.

answered by Art Director (2.9k points)
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Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor !
Wish I too can watch such a movie for at least 10 minutes someday.

answered by Editor (88.8k points)
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A fresh breeze of air

Ranbir performance was definitely one of the best of the decade , Priyanka gave excellent performance too Pritam music was outstanding but the most credit should go to Anurag Basu for conceiving and executing such a difficult film

answered by Set Decorator (1.4k points)

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