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Tenet was released at the end of the August and has been in theatres for over two weeks and has collected around $207m across the globe and for the film this is not actually a good number but the verdict here cannot really come from the number due to the circumstances.



The fact remains it has done as well as the Covid19 impact has allowed it to. The better performances for the film have come where the virus has allowed it to. The big nations in Europe like UK, Germany and France have had good numbers but Covid19 cases saw big rises last week and that has seen larger falls in the third weekend (not in whole numbers but weekend to weekend as first weekend was extended). There have been regional lockdows but more than it the rise in numbers its public mentality and less people go out. It will probably be tough in Europe now as cases rises. Some Far East countries have also done well.The disappointment is the home market with collections still short of $30 million. There are many major cities where cinemas ae not open like New York, LA, Miami, Seattle and many others. Still the bigger reason for low collections is that the virus is not in control in USA like it was in Europe a few weeks back. There are still around 50k infections daily in the states and this number has to come down for more people to come back to the cinemas.



The final worldwide number may go to the $250 million mark depending on how USA holds and how the rising cases hit European markets and the film should open up in some other markets also in time. Considering the situation this is a good result though obviously the film needed more to cover its costs but that was always going to be a tough task unless China took to it in a big way.

Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=6086
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These so called cinema exhibitors, film producers and even trade analysts are so dumb cos they act as if there ConVid19 isn't there. That's why they are begging a film like Sooryavanshi to release in cinema this year. Money and BO matter to them but people dying and geting infected shows they don't care about the pandemic.

Tenet is an underperformer in America where 30% or something of the cinemas are closed due to this situation. Those places New York and California are Christopher Nolan's biggest market for his movies.

So how do these people expect a film like Sooryavanshi to cross 200cr during the pandemic? It would be pathetic for gov to listen to cinema exhibitors who want 50% occupancy but it needs to be between 25-30%.

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Mixed reviews from the audience and $200 million budget. Something that you wouldn't expect from Nolan. Unless the theatres start opening up in the major cities of America, this could be a rare Nolan flop.

If the film re releases later once theatres start opening up, then there might be a respectable total. But not a wise decision to release such an ambitious project in these times.

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