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As per credible sources, Robert Downey Jr will be stepping in to play the role of Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg 4. Shoot commences 2022, Eid 2023 release.

Following this, Chris Pratt decided to remake the 1992 Hit Khiladi starring him and Scarlett Johansson.

Expecting Dwayne Johnson, Leo Di Caprio and other Hollywood biggies to follow suit.

Bollywood druggies will be playing spot boys in these films. And their endorsements will be stripped off and the Bollywood King & Queen KRK & KR will be randomly allocating these brands to the Hollywood stars (who will also rule Bollywood later).

This is as per the breaking news I have received.

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None , didn't you read the report how Akshay takes drugs every morning to maintain the level of fitness and physique he has , all the 4 am wake up and 9 pm going to sleep is a cover up by him. now this is the condition of the fittest actor of bollywood imagine for everyone else now

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Common people like you shall be asked to endorse brands.

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