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Are you a twitter bot ? He is a legend and its his right to speak or not. SSR committing suicide isn't something for which Big B will speak up for.

answered by Super-star (173k points)
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stop this stupidity !!!

answered by Set Decorator (1.4k points)
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Fear is the reason.. He can't take on current govt and some big bollywood personalities who are invovled in the gruesome murder of SSR.....

answered by Editor (80.2k points)

Nothing to do with Arnab. I hate him since sarabjeet-jasleen case.... He is as bad as barkha rajdeep etc.

This murder angle i'm telling from day 1 and won't change it....
The silence of bollywood is further validating my concern and made me convinced.. This includes my fav Aamir too.

U can hide my statement if u think it's non-sense... Go ahead..


I can't categorically name anyone....That's for the CBI.. Few more days........



sorry mumbo bhai for the mistake..

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Stupid Twitteratis dont speak on political leaders or trend when people are facing unemployment,rise in corona cases,china border disputes.But they want justice for a small time actor who committed suicide because of depression and they will have all the time in the world to blame entire bwood except kangna who makes movies in kangwood.

this is where i dislike some section of hindi people.
they dont respect legends like bigb who made india famous at global level,so many charities and contributions but yet they blame him and other superstars.

they are not public servants.they are just stars either like or dislike them ,but dont expect them to take a stand for everything happens in country.
already they have done enough good things or the country.Be happy for that.

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)
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He has always been played safe...i never saw someone as big as such fattu...he used to be a puppet of bal thakrey..he never speaks about controversial things..like if government/politicians do so many wrong things he won't utter a word.. he will only inspire people if ruling people want him too...like inspiring people to use toilet, something about women empowerment..whole over it mean he plays safe..a bitter truth will never come out of his tongue...he is always conscious about his image, what's other thinking about him should always be positive. Come ON mahn...don't be such persona less.

answered by Cinematographer (90.1k points)

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