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SRK plays titular charachter in and as Pathan with John confirmed as the villian. 

The blasting news is that Pathan is going to be a multi-starrer film and the actor, who will be locking horns with Shah Rukh Khan, is none other than John Abraham. Known for his tough physique and macho looks, John Abraham is going to play the main baddy in this big budget action-thriller flick which will be mounted on a grand scale.

Along with India, Pathan will also be shot in several foreign countries and the makers are currently busy in pre-production and location hunting. The film will start rolling from January next year and Siddharth Anand and YRF has planned to wrap up it within six months, i.e. by July. Aditya Chopra has not zeroed down on any release date yet but the film is surely targeting to hit screens in the final quarter of 2021.

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HNY will remain the last hit of srk while john has done well in his last few films

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YRF is really upping their game now. Ever since 2012, they have always had that one BIG canvas entertainment film every year (barring 2014-15).

Ek Tha Tiger, Dhoom 3, Fan (to a certain extent), Sultan, TZH, TOH, War, Prithviraj (had things been normal this year). And now the YRF 50 has more projects for them. Tiger 3, Pathan, the Ajay Devgn Superhero film. Undoubtedly the biggest production company India has ever seen and with other projects like War 2 and speculated Rambo Remake, it's going to keep getting bigger and better for them.

About Pathan, SRK V/S John sounds amazing on paper. It's as big, if not bigger, than the HR V/S Tiger combo in War. If Siddharth Anand delivers an action spectacle like War (great action sequences, dance numbers, climax) and not like Bang Bang (great action sequences but underwhelming screenplay), this could be a huge grosser for all involved!

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this is what happening with srk for long , directors after doing good movies with others comes to him with scripts like jhms and zero and deliever a debacle , he still has star power but his oscar level script sense always comes in between

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SRK will have a dhamakedaar comeback with Pathan.

Afterall we have got the backing.

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First time hearing something like this!.....

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John Abraham will demolish Shahrukh in action film

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srk has to bulk up john has great physique


John ke saamne chuha jaisa lagega..........ready for another flop.

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SRK should be doing hirani's next instead of starring as Pathan
Only Hirani can be trusted with a good script

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SRK wants to do Hirani's next film, but the film needs to be shot in Canada. As per my understanding Canada isn't allowing any shooting to be done in their country so SRK has moved on to other projects. I think they'll shoot the film next year once he is done with Pathan, and the COVID restrictions are lessened or lifted.

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SRK will make a big comeback. John is the perfect villain. Hope this does what War did for HR.

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HR age is just 45 years so comeback is there but not in the case of Srk. Srk age already Cross 56 years next year so comeback not possible....

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First condition is bad currently due to Covid - 19... And in 2020 I am not expecting any release. And in next year 2021 theatre opens but no big film release at that time also due to capacity issue because govt. Not permit more than 50% addmission in theatre. So that generate Big loss for big films.

I hope vaccine comes fast otherwise if vaccine not coming till June 2021 than next also big films not released in theatre and if release than 200 Cr max is the business of the film. And many big producer going to release films on ott.

Everything depend of covid -19 conditions in india. Hope condition going to be normal very fast.

Now if I am talking about movie here than Srk is in bad phase so this is not a right choice for a comeback at the age of 56 years already.

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I just want Ajay Devgn to get his first HGOTY.

Makers seem to be eager to release Sooryavanshi this year. I am pretty sure that they are aware the occupancy will be low (Due to the virus) meaning this film won't cross 200cr. I'm not sure what the budget is for the film but I doubt if it will beat Tanhaji's collections. Producers may have no choice but to release it on OTT or wait until next year. If they delay further then they will have to pay more interest if I'm correct.

Don't know why people want cinemas to reopen in India when too many cases are rising. Even UK, it's very bad because they have banned social gatherings up to six people for this reason.


but he still is giving good openings consistently despite atrocious movies
though i also feel hirani's movie is right for him ye siddhart vaali ka koi bharosa nhi hai

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SRK in commercial potboilers has always generated mass hysteria but i am not sure if this is a right choice . hirani's pick would be better

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They know star srk cannot pull a film on his own so they are adding enough star power for the betterment of the film. Even if the film tests success which in unlikely, the credit will go to John & Deepika. Even when srk was doing very good at the Box office, the credit of Chennai Express went to deepika as per many trade analysts and even Rohit shetty admitted that.

YRF casted Tiger shorff in War who was a Bigger draw than hrithik at that time now they are casting John who is Bigger bet than srk in last few years. Then there is Salman khan who gave YRF their Biggest Blockbusters of the Decade With Solo films.

YRF made Thugs of Hindostan with Aamir khan, proved one of the Biggest loss making cinema in the history. When everyone failed with Yrf, Salman has 100% Blockbuster ratio with them.

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abe tu bhi mera hi alternate id hai



See bhai people on here don't think Ajay Devgn is a superstar but to them, Akshay Kumar is along with HR and Khans.

See my comment on here cos Ajay will always remain a superstar.

Four Blockbusters, 2x300cr WW, 31cr opening in Singham Returns, Record opener in 1999, Over 30 Hits and etc. Soon to be HGOTY in Tanhaji hopefully even if doesn't get it then he has nothing to lose because his name will be ranked along with Akshay, Khans & HR.

Almost 30 years of survival and people don't give him credit.


I actually forgot to mention Ajay @Nikeel, not that I don't consider him one.
Anyone with 25+ hits doesn't need validation of superstar, if you had seen my answers before you would have known I have always rated him in the league of Akshay just that Akki has run past him last year.
90's he was ahead of akki and first half of last decade too.
He lacks multiplex audience and girls support otherwise he has a fanbase like a superstar.
@Mumbojumbo , you don't need to tell me what he was because I am not 2000's born kid, when I say him a superstar & that without including 2010-17 stands true as well.
Even in 2000's his fanbase was among top3 though according to boi he had the biggest fanbase, refer 2005 & 2010 September month ranking of boi (that's before dabangg).


to butthurts like nitesh singh , speaking shiit about srk all the time

Megastar John Abraham last movie collection 30 cr , yet to cross 75 Lakh footfalls on his own in his career

Megastar Deepika last movie collection 25 cr

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