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Buddy naam to Ranbir Kapoor ka bhi aa raha hai. Par jab tak khabar pakki na ho aur media pushti na kare sach nahi maan sakte. Thoda wait karo jo bhi hoga saamne aa jayega.

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Everything is speculations as of now. So many wild theories and conspiracies going around, so it's better to wait and watch. Maybe after Bihar elections everything will be clear where this investigation is going.

The NCB knows the list of apparently 25 or something Bollywood druggies. 3 of them have already been named in the news yesterday, so you can expect the remaining to come out very soon. Probably the people you mentioned are drug addicts, probably they aren't, we sitting on this forum can't guarantee about this.

Besides, it's not necessary that all the drug addicts in Bollywood are named by her. It's possible that there are other actors who indulge in drugs, but have another dealer or whatever. So just wait around for sometime, everything will be clear soon.

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Hope one of them Is Swara.


Nikeel, everyone does it. Hrithik also. And other biggies also. Happens in Hollywood too. Happens in corporates also. Politicians also do it. Its not new. It was always there. This is nothing but vendetta politics to destroy Bollywood since they did not align themselves with the Supreme power's agenda.


I'd be extremely shocked if Akshay Kumar does indulge in drugs though. At least the reputation he has built for himself, waking up at 4am, gymming, exercising then going on sets at like 6-7am. Going to sleep early, rarely goes to a party.

He might have taken during his younger days, but him taking it right now will be shocking for the public. Maybe his wife does, as she is close to that gang.

Anyway, it's a clean up act and it has now become political.


I also doubt it. But then even if he's done it, doesn't matter. Anyhow he was smart enough to align himself with the current narrative in 2016 itself. Hence he is safe and protected. Others.....I'm afraid aren't so.

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This is all very entertaining drama created to garner big TRP'S. Drugs are a very common occurrence. Be it Bollywood or any other industry or in the West too. But then nobody can speculate just for the heck of it.

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2questions Intense:

what kind of drugs are not allowed in India? weed is allowed..nai?

Second, what's the punishment of taking drugs? JAil?

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its all phony , although i think hrithik's acting making him look like he is drugged though

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