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In my opinion movie theatres should remain closed till next year atleast . The only concern is livelihood of some people but in India  , graph is very worrisome with over 80000+ cases everyday and not stopping anytime soon.

Movies like Sooryavanshi  , 83 ( dont care )  and Radhe should release in theatre only next year . No OTT
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Definitely not this Diwali. Best case now is December 18/25th. If cases don't reduce by Diwali and it seems impossible for maximum capacity to be attained, then all releases should be pushed next year.

It will be an absolute waste if Sooryavanshi and 83 releases online. I don't see any other mass film or a film with huge hype which will make people flock to the theatres other than these 2 and Radhe.

The Best Case scenario would be:
December 18/25th - SV
January 22nd - 83
Eid - Radhe (though I have heard that Salman is planning Republic day for Radhe since he will be shooting for Tiger 3 during Eid and wants to complete all formalities before leaving).

If December deadline isn't met, then I hope better sense prevails and Reliance doesn't release both their films online.

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Laxmmi Bomb ko agar Diwali mei release karna hi tha, toh theatres mei hi dikhate! -_- Announcement in June, movie releases in November. Sahi hai!


Alright, man !!!


Lol I am not saying anything to you. I am talking about the thought process of the makers. Why announce the film in June if they were planning a Diwali release, when it was kind of clear back then that theatres would open by November for sure.


Nikeel I know people need to survive, theaters need to open. But at what cost ? The virus hasn't even shown to hit its peak, cases are rising everyday. No chance people would care to watch a movie, no matter who it is. Either SV moves to Holi or Eid next year for a theatrical release or comes on OTT this Diwali or Xmas. No chance for theaters to open this year....and they should not open.

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I think it's the gov choice to decide if whether to reopen it or not. When Unlock 4.0 came last Sat, I was thinking that they must have a good reason to keep cinemas shut whilst restaurants, pubs, gyms, public transport and ect have reopened.

Last weekend saw a trend of people on Twitter including cinema exhibitors pleading the gov to reopen cinema. That's due people to fear of bankruptcy from cinema owner and unemployment from staff. Not mention producers and production company are waiting to release their films like Sooryavanshi and 83.

Strangely a day after trend, this so-called trade analyst Sumit or whatever his name is mention cinema exhibitors will reopen their cinemas. Then Rohit said cinemas will reopen next on Oct with Tenet releasing that month whilst James Bond will come on Diwali.

Frankly, no one should believe anything these trade analysts say. Either they are lying just to seek attention. Better to believe the gov official announcement but like I said they must have a good reason to keep cinema shut whilst other businesses are open. What you said about the cases rising must be the reason why its closed.

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yes coz in cinemas people stay in close proximity for a longer period of time


Oh, that's why the gov is keeping cinema close. I know cinema is a bigger craze in India than UK in terms of crowds inside and outside the building. Anyway, let's see what happens on Oct or Nov.

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Nothing this Year. Only one thing is sureshot that after Pandemic goes, Radhe will be the first Big release (Eid 2021)

Soorvavanshi - OTT (Probably on 26th Jan)

83 - OTT (Holi)

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This will be heartbreaking for fans and even Reliance Entertainment if both films go to OTT.

2020 could be Ajay Devgn year. 2021 is where Salman Khan kicks off Indian Cinema with a bang with the first Hindi film to release since Baaghi 3. Before that, Tenet and James Bond need to release in cinema first as I said in the post. They are big movies with multiplex appeal.

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No one is interested for going to cinemas in this circumstances and nobody cares except those working in the industry!!

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I think its high time now and cinemas need to be opened in next unlock. Even if people won't flick to the cinemas atleast the people earning there livelihood through it will have hopes of things getting better. This way gov is totally ignoring a section of people.
Ofcourse, there are more chances of virus spreading behind the closed doors but now healthcare section is mature enough to cure all of them. But, if cinema owners will go bankrupt with them 1000s will loss there job and they won't have any chance to make up for the huge losses.
Personally, I feel like people will go to cinemas anyway because literally nothing is happening for the entertainment purpose for about an year now. Moreover, virus is not as deadly as it was in the early stages due to much develop healthcare system. So, people know that if they have good immunity there are 99% chances of them getting normal. Those who don't have will avoid going out anyway.
Further if a movie releases with just half the occupancy and wom is good it can do very well in long run as there is no other entertainment source available right now.

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bhai in my opinion government has lifted restriction way more than it should have

i think you are speaking as akki fan which is ok, yes it is very unfair to him that in his prime form a movie like Sooryavanshi is not getting a release which can further consolidate his position to number 1 star , even LB had big chances of being hit

but cinema watching esp in single screens will tear apart all the so called safety precautions theatre itself is a very congested space

and we have not even hit peak yet just getting worse and worse , the only concern is people's livelihood its kinda tricky situation


Comeon yr being an Akki fan has nothing to do with this. I am saying this because when I visit market and public places I notice that how less people now care about the virus which is to some extent I can understand why. Living is what humans do, we have evolved over the time to live like the way we do today. So, all the daily activities that were restricted are a part of our living. Its impossible to stop doing those basic things suddenly. Eventually, we will adjust everything else for the way we like to live. And thats a quite natural thing. Those restrictions, lockdown make us unstable so people are trying to move towards the stability even if that might cost them their lives.
Aur yr you cannot deny the fact that Corono se zada bahut aur fatal cheezein hai if you start care about everything than you will just have to lock yourself in your homes forever. This all looked scary in the beginning but now most countries have realized that corona will not go whatever Lockdown measures they take. Single day of Lockdown is causing the unbearable losses. They might soon find a way to cure the virus but it will be impossible to overcome all the losses that lockdowns will bring. Therefore, most country now are working on curing rather than prevention.

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Minimum 12 months from now.........may be next august.

sab kuch normal hone me 1 saal abhi lagega.

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