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My heart danced with joy when Amitabh Bachchan gave it back to a troll who had insensitively cursed the superstar to die of COVID-19 while he was recovering at Nanavati Hospital in July. “I shall ask my 40 million-plus followers to annihilate you, I’ll tell them ‘thok do saale ko’,” Bachchan had thundered on Twitter and had gone to the extent of asking the troll to “burn in your own stew”. Although quite uncharacteristic of Amitabh Bachchan, the reply did underline the impact a troll can have on a celebrity’s mind. The reason why I was thrilled was that despite his illness, Bachchan had played the typical Hindi film hero, waiting to bash up the baddie.



If a 75-plus star could react in this fashion when someone posted a horrendously nasty message to him on social media, you would expect him and every younger and older star to spew more venom if someone were to say an equally mean thing about his (star’s) mother, right? Unfortunately, all the stars have proven us wrong.


It would not be incorrect to say that Bollywood is the mother of each and every top star because although they were brought into this world by their respective mothers, they owe their birth in the film industry to Bollywood. Surprising then that not a single top hero has exhibited any heroism even while the mother — Bollywood — is being called an abode of the mafia, Bollywood stars are being referred to as drug addicts, heroines are being touted as sleazy and ever-willing to sleep around to bag roles in big films, producers and directors are being passed off as plotters and planners, manipulators and murderers. Television news channels have made such a mockery of Bollywood in the last two-and-a-half months, after the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, that many among the public have begun to think of Bollywood as the worst place to be in. I’ve said this in the past too, and I repeat that the hit which the reputation of Bollywood has taken in the last 75 days is of the kind it has never taken in the past. Yes, there may be some in the film industry who do drugs and nobody can deny that, but to infer and announce that 99% of the industry is addicted to drugs is taking things too too far. Yes, there may be nepotism in the film industry and no one can deny that but then, where does nepotism not exist? And if it can be tolerated in every other industry, why should nepotism in Bollywood be made a tamasha of, why should talented star-kids be mocked at and ridiculed as if they had committed a crime by being born into the families they were born into?


Just recall all the nonsensical theories that have been put out about Bollywood between June 14 and today, by TV news channels, social media, digital news portals etc:


(1) Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered by the nepotism gang, whatever that meant. THEORY DISCARDED AS IT HAD NO LEGS TO STAND ON.


(2) Top stars and filmmakers had ganged up against Sushant and ensured that he did not sign new films. THEORY THROWN IN THE DUST BIN AFTER IT WAS ESTABLISHED BEYOND DOUBT THAT SUSHANT HAD REFUSED A NUMBER OF FILMS AND THAT HE WAS ALL SET TO START A NEW FILM.






(5) A Bollywood heroine, Rhea Chakraborty, gave Sushant improper drugs to sedate him. IT HAS TURNED OUT THAT THE MEDICATION WAS CHANGED BY SUSHANT’S SISTER RATHER THAN BY BOLLYWOOD’S RHEA.


(6) A Bollywood heroine, Rhea Chakraborty, was not allowing Sushant to retire from films although he wanted to leave the film industry and do farming at a small place. THE TRUTH THAT HAS EMERGED IS THAT RHEA WAS ONE WITH HIM IN HIS PREMATURE RETIREMENT PLANS.




(7) Bollywood was cooking up the story about Sushant’s mental illness but the actor was mentally stable. SUSHANT HIMSELF ADMITTED THAT HE WAS BIPOLAR.


Yet, it seems, no star’s blood has boiled enough at the ridiculous allegations levelled against the industry they owe their careers, name, fame, wealth, and power to! Or do they open their mouths only and only when they are paid to speak dialogues? Do they need written lines of bravado to prove their heroism? Even if that is true, why don’t they ask the many wonderful writers Bollywood has, to pen some factual lines which they can utter on a public or social media platform? In the age of social media, silence is akin to acceptance. Even as Bollywood’s image is being demolished (tarnished is too mild a word, the stage now is one of demolition), the stars, who can actually give a jaw-breaking reply to the ones who are involved in this game of finishing Bollywood, are sending the wrong signals to the world and to the crores of Bollywood fans and buffs by maintaining complete silence.


Why is Aamir Khan quiet? Is it because he doesn’t like distractions while shooting for a film — in this case, Laal Singh Chaddha? Not even if it is the question of protecting and restoring the honour of the film industry?!? What’s the secret behind Salman Khan’s silence? Is it because he is at his farmhouse in Panvel? Probably, there is no internet connectivity at Panvel? Shah Rukh Khan? Oh, it must be because he is still making up his mind about the film he should sign next, so where’s the time to protect the image of Bollywood! Akshay Kumar? So what if this does not have any political angle, he can at least safeguard the interest of the industry which embraced him with open arms although he was an ‘outsider’ without any Godfather or film connection! Ah yes, he’s quiet, probably because he is shooting in London for a film titled Bell Bottom. Hence he may be ensconced in the era when bell bottoms were in vogue and when social media did not exist! Anushka Sharma’s silence can, perhaps, be explained by the fact that she is busy preparing for her first baby. In her excitement to become a first-time mother, she must have let go of the first opportunity to stand up for her non-biological mother, Bollywood. And Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, likewise, are gearing up to welcome their second baby and hence they, just maybe, have no time to issue any statement. Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor must surely be more busy learning the tricks of superstardom which is what they want to achieve. But they had better understand that they would be superstars if Bollywood is allowed to survive in the first place. And Amitabh Bachchan? Why is the angry young man of the 1980s not getting angry in August just like he did in July? He may have single-handedly and verbally annihilated his detractor on Twitter two months back, and didn’t need to tell his millions of followers to take action against the troll, but now, Bachchan must use all his 40 million-plus army of Twitter followers to set right the image of Bollywood. Why is he not making his typical heroic entry which made his millions of fans clap in applause and whistle with glee in the cinema halls? Come on, Mr. Bachchan, we want to see you as the quintessential Hindi film hero who comes to save the damsel in distress in the climax. This time, the damsel may not be the hero’s girlfriend, she’s the hero’s mother. And, Mr. Bachchan, you know very well, the sentiments evoked among the audience by the mother and the motherland in our films. Be the typical hero of the 1980s, not the policeman who came in the climax but after everything was over. And… errrr… ummm… even some of the best-known retired top cops of Bombay have in real life joined hands and moved the high court to defend the Bombay police as the force’s reputation is being tarnished in what they feel is a highly politicised investigation and a trial by media into Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged suicide. Trial by media and tarnishing of reputation are the ills you all also need to fight. Can’t believe that retired top cops have done what top Bollywood stars can’t do!


Just Taapsee Pannu, Vidya Balan, Raveena Tandon and Minissha Lamba taking up cudgels on behalf of the industry to protect its honour is not enough. Rather, it is shameful that four leading ladies have taken the lead while Bollywood’s leading men are still in deep slumber. Wake up, stars! Don’t allow the reputation of your Bollywood to be trampled upon, mauled, destroyed and thrown into the funeral pyre. Even if the public returns to the cinemas when they reopen with the government’s permission, they may not love Bollywood as much as they did before they heard the horrendous stories about it during the lockdown. And that won’t be right for Bollywood. Our heroes should definitely make an attempt to erase all the nonsense fed into the public memory. One virtual press conference addressed by the top ten stars of the country… and imagine the coverage it will get! Envisage the impact it will have on the public in general. Frankly, the stars are underestimating their own power to influence people and thereby set the record straight. Unitedly, they can fight it. There’s no fear of being singled out. Film stars have been chief ministers of states in India, and a film star has been the President of the USA. Stars like Hema Malini and Sunny Deol are the elected representatives in the Lok Sabha today. They represent the film industry in politics. Why are they quiet? The industry today is as much their mother as it was when they were only stars rather than star-MPs. Ditto for the presidents of the film trade bodies like CINTAA (Cine And Television Artistes’ Association), IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association), Guild, etc. These Associations were quick to ban Pakistani artistes — and rightly so — when the need arose. Why are they quiet today when it’s the question of the public image of Bollywood? Please remember, dear stars, the Hindi film industry will never forgive you all for remaining mute spectators.


Dear Bachchans, Khans, Kapoors and Sharmas, you are stars, you are superstars. If people can clap in the cinema halls at the dialogues you speak on the big screen despite knowing that they are not written by you, imagine how deafening their applause will be when, for once, the dialogues will come from your hearts. Speak the truth. It has the power to move mountains. Leave the verdict on the Sushant Singh Rajput case to the CBI and/or the courts. That’s not your domain just as it should, rightly speaking, not be the domain of the television channels which seem to have hijacked the case. But you, as children of Bollywood, definitely need to educate the people that all the nonsense spoken about Bollywood is not the truth. Present the whole story before them because they have formed opinions on the basis of half-baked facts and a lot of fiction being passed off as facts by those very TV channels which rely upon stars like you all to garner their TRPs. Fans of Bollywood have been misled, just bring them back on track. They still want to love you, laugh with you, cry with you, and believe in you. Be their hero! Eliminate the evil!!

NOTE: This article has been reproduced with due permission from Komal Nahta (Film Information).
Source Link: https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/features/wake-up-bollywood-stars-your-mothers-honour-is-at-stake-do-not-remain-mute-spectators/
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Lol..Rhea ko defend karna tha to sidhe sidhe boldeta kyun itni ghumaphora k bolraha..*** komal..no one should give shit to this man.....

answered by Casting Director (18.2k points)
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This case has become a mockery everywhere! Social media, TV media, everywhere. And our Ms Ranaut is having a field day of free publicity.

First it was Nepotism. Boycott all Star kids movies, Boycott Akshay Kumar films as he snatched movies from him, Boycott all major production houses as the saint KRK has tweeted that all production houses has banned him when he was alive. Then Ms Ranaut challenges people that nepotism caused him to commit suicide.

When the nepotism angle was ruled out because of obvious reasons, the case took a positive turn when his father filed an FIR. Yaha se the case has become so political, so mysterious that Bollywood themselves wouldn't write a screenplay of so many conspiracies like this.

Every person has their own agenda. If someone speaks up demanding for CBI, then boycott them as they are fake people. If people applaud the SC's decision when the CBI is called in, then again they are boycotted as their movies are releasing WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR! Trolls against top stars, disgusting hashtags. Is anyone in the world even interested in knowing how and why he died?

Now comes the drugs angle, it is no secret that top Bollywood stars indulge in drugs and with the amount of evidence piled up against Rhea, it seems she was a peddler along with her family. But then again, Ms Ranaut comes out with her own story about drugs and challenges people to give blood tests.

When an Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Varun Dhawan etc tweet about CBI (2 months late), then they are boycotted and termed opportunists since their films are releasing. When Kangana does this and diverts the case since 14th June, then she is termed a queen even though 3 films of hers are announced, one of them on the late TN CM. So you can see her political aspirations. So she shouldn't be boycotted because her films are releasing?

And lastly, the "Mumbai is POK"! Imagine if any Muslim actor said this. Actually forget Muslim, any top actor said this. Imagine the outrage!

And what's next? If a connection between Bollywood and Terrorism is found then will Kangana come out and say "When I was 18, my character role actor/mentor handed an AK 47 over to me and forced me to shoot at little kids"?

These articles, PR machinery, interviews, debates is all a mockery. If you side with Kangana, Arnab and boycott the top Bollywood stars, then you are termed a BJP bhakt, right wing whatever. You side with Rhea, Rajdeep Sardesai and that entire gang, then you are termed anti nationalist, anti BJP, anti-Hinduism and a leftist person.

Why can't people have an unbiased opinion with no malicious intent. The end goal is to find out the reason behind his death. But it's turned into a circus of TRP, political image, actors own hidden agenda to further their career.

This article does the same thing. Trying to whitewash Bollywood and nothing else.

Lastly, I hope the CBI comes to some conclusion and the culprits behind his death are given harsh punishments. This social media circus is never going to stop and hopefully the theatres will open soon so that people will realise that their boycotts aren't going to do a damn thing!

(Thanks for reading if you have reached the end. My articles tend to get very long when it involves KR)

answered by Art Director (3k points)

Glad to see someone bashing KR. I hate her as much. Perhaps even more. Herself a druggie, who the hell gave her the right to tag everyone and ask for a blood test ? She is doing this so that the ruling party can offer her a ticket to contest for the next elections.


As a Hrithik fan, I am sure you will hate her much more than any other actor's fan lol.

But it's not just about bashing her. Her statements are always contradictory, takes pot shots at every actor who doesn't praise her or doesn't side with her. Though the most hilarious thing is when she proclaimed on twitter that she is top Bollywood actress. Itna confidence kaha se aa jaata hai!

And her feud with KJo! You can call him every abuse in the book for promoting star kids and making some thrash films, but she has fallen so low so as to abuse his little kids because he promoted them on twitter! At least let the kids out of your agenda!

She will get what she deserves when her films release in the theatres. The critics will obviously reject the films, but once the audience word of mouth comes in, then she will know her place in the industry.

And yes, all these tactics are for her to get a ticket in 2024.

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are bhai itni lambi aur confusing post without any summary

anyway all this drug thing is a nonsense and funny infact , this is nothing in comparison to the allegations what bollywood faced in 90s and early 00s with arms act case and underworld's money for financing , it even led to end of sanjay dutt's career who was a emerging superstar back then

baaki ye to trp circus chal rha hai sushant ki death ka itna hyper hone ki jarurat nhi hai in gawaaron ko trp bhi to chahiye

answered by Location Manager (6k points)
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Well said. And I hope everyone stands up and destroys Kangana badly. She needs to be shown her place

answered by Super-star (173k points)

She is an MP in the making

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what do bollywood stars come and say that
yes we do take drugs and have lots of affairs due to living a very different life from commoners
lol all they can do is sit back be quiet weather the storm and let time be their biggest weapon

answered by Camera Operator (11.4k points)
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all this shall continue till media find some other political circus for their trp ratings

answered by Set Decorator (1.4k points)
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This mess is becoming more and more nasty so its will be the safest on part of all the satay quite. At the moment whatever they will say will have a chance to go against them. They have already being dragged for no reason so they will not want to give any of real reason to media frauds.

answered by Production Accountant (27.7k points)
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All fake Sushant fans will vanish after Bihar election and it will be as if nothing happened

answered by Editor (88.8k points)

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