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Bollywood used to have outstanding music till 90s . In south india music was one of the key factor bollywood movies were popular even in non hindi speakers.

Even 2000s decade has some good music But last decade music went completely atrocious .

Will there be any revive ?
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It all has to do with quality overall. Every aspect have gone down. Creativity is at its lowest trench right now and therefore music too is showing such trends.

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Older time people didn't have much of choice, they completely have to be dependent on their imagination and creativity. Today makers have lots and lots of stuffs already floating around to look for. This inturn have reduced the quality and increased the redundancy in almost everything.
Personally, I don't have much of the problem with music currently except when they start forging the older classics and keep on doing it again and again.
Moreover, I feel that from 20 years down the line, albums like Murder 2, Aashique 2, Ek Villan, Kabir Singh, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani, Rockstar, Tamasha etc will appreciate in a same manner we are appreciating the albums of 20 years ago right now.


i dont think so even today 70s and older is considered the benchmark of music and movies in india with those rd burman lata mangeshkar kishore kumar rafi songs

50s hindi cinema is full of classic movies

the above mentioned albums are good but people dont even listen to them now much let alone 20 years after ,melody in music is completely lost


also 2010-2015 still has some decent music post 2015 it has gone to a sinkhole


I agree about post 2015 scenario. Music producers have literally offered us nothing but crap remakes. I can only call Kabir Singh, Rostom and few songs here and there good about the later half of the decade.

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Music today is getting monotonous. Arijit back in 2013 was a fresh talent but now his songs are starting to sound the same. Even the so called best songs of the year cannot match the glory days of the 90s.

The likes of Aashique, Saajan, HAHK, DDLJ, DTPH, JPKSHH etc and so many more have tremendous repeat value. But an album released six months earlier is forgotten easily.

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i am talking about music directors

i can hardly think of any one giving good music continously, i think last decade only ADHM can be called as a genuine good album other than that there were Rockstar Barfi Tamasha SKTKS Aashiqui2, SOTY YJHD but none of these can hold against the gorgeous 90s music

Sairat album marathi is the only music in last decade that could be called a memorable one

also in south music has deteriorated a little but in bollywood it has gone complete bonkers


None worth talking about when it comes to music directors. Amongst the albums you mentioned, yeah they are good but nothing compared to the 90s. Those songs are still carrying tremendous repeat value.

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not a single good director today jo hai vo bhi ghatiya songs de rahe hai

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agree cent percent

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I hear songs from 50s,60s and 90s and a select few from the70s and 00s.Cant bear the songs of today

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Sairat music was excellent , you should give it a try


Yes,I will try

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There is no comparison with AR rahman...his music has language, has soul, has class. He is a national asset. I would say for india he is equivalent to sachin, lata, SRK

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