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Highest Single Days Record til Bodyguard

1. Bodyguard  Day 1 - 21cr+

2. Bodyguard Day 2 - 19cr+

3. Dabangg Day 3 - 19cr

4. Bodyguard Day 5 - 18cr

5. Dabangg Day 2 - 16cr+

6. Ready Day 3 - 16cr

7. Bodyguard Day 4 - 15cr

8. Dabangg Day 1 - 14.50cr+

9. Bodyguard Day 3 - 14cr

10. 3idiots Day 3 - 13cr+
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Salman mania was at its peak back then. An entertaining watch with good music.

answered by Super-star (174k points)
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Salman having 9 out of top 10 highest days tells the kind of domination he had.
Music was one of the highlight of the film.
It had huge buzz at the time of its release.

answered by Cinematographer (95.8k points)
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Unimaginable figures then, matched Salman's charisma in the movie

answered by Editor (89.5k points)
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One of the biggest opener of last decade, 21cr despite no release in many single screen theaters and multiplex screening getting started after 1PM.

I would quote how indicine described Bodyguard's opening
We thought the all India market capacity is at best around 20-22cr and Bodyguard without a full day release is expected to be 19-20cr
History has been made today and it’s Salman yet again headlining what could go on to be India’s biggest blockbuster ever!

Peak phase of Salmania when He was invincible in true sense.

answered by Assistant Director (56.8k points)

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