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Many know the reference to Nick of Time, Rush Hour, Mr.Nice Guy etc... How many of you instantly got this while watching this for the first time?

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I watched Baadhshah around late 1999 posts its release on cable TV in the UK. Although it's not original but it was a superb entertainer. Abbas Mustan gave it a stylish desi flavour with good twists, humour, comedy and action. Here they directed SRK very well in which I felt was his best comedy he had given and does well in action as well. His charm was another reason hence only he could have pulled off this role. Wish he had explored more in action genre through his career. As far as the rest goes, Twinkle Khanna isn't bad whilst Amrish Puri and Johnny Lever were both funny.

This film was delayed for three years as the mahurat shot started around 1996. I don't know why it took long to make. Still, it proved to be the fourth biggest opener of 1999 but it deserved better at the Box Office.

This is my favourite song.

Baadshah O Baadhshah

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you know this movie srk signed around 1994

this was an excellent entertainer , dont know why it was not hit, this is perhaps my most watched srk's movie

even today B4U channel runs solely on this movie

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The lyrics of the title track of Baadshah was written on the day Baazigar released in theaters. That is what Srk said. Also, back then the story was entirely different which they eventually dropped completely and re-wrote a new one which became Baadshah which we all saw.


different story i dont know but abbas mustan they signed srk in badshsh right after baazigar with the same title


He signed the movie in 1994 but the mahurat shot started in 1996. Abbas Mustan had started Challia in 1994 which Ajay Devgn and Tabu but the movie was shelved. Then he had moved on with Daraar.

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Humans are favourably biased towards the events/movies/music which happened in their childhood . But thanks to my superior sense of judgement i can call a spade a spaid , a B cup a Bee cup and a Deer a Dear , because they all sound the same . So i call this film a neech film ( not to be confused with niche ) with an overdose of overacting and unfunny scenes 1.5/5 .But Twinkle looked hot in the red dress while searching srk's stuff in hotel room .

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Twinkle had another legendary movie MELA where she set the bar very high for overacting.


yes twinkle literally cannot act she does overacting like no other surprisingly in her debut she was most bearable but this movie was very entertaining

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One of Shahrukh khan's most underrated movies. Dunno why it wasn't a hit at the box office. So entertaining and I've seen it countless number of times.

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a underrated movie superb entertainer by KING KHAN

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