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Kangana Ranaut has officially no presence on social media, however her digital team voices her through and shares her photos on social media, through verified handles. Recently Kangana Ranaut’s team hit out at Ranbir Kapoor, tagging him as a serial skirt chaser. They also mentioned Deepika Padukone in the post that was shared on Twitter.

“Ranbir Kapoor is a serial skirt chaser but no one dare call him a rapist, Deepika is a self proclaimed mental illnesses patient but no one calls her a psycho or a witch,this name calling is reserved only for extra ordinary outsiders who come from small towns and humble families,” shared Kangana Ranaut’s team, while replying to a post about nepotism.

Kangana Ranaut’s team had also shared a post about ‘Chaploos outsiders’, crediting the statement to KR, seemingly referring to the actress. “Chaploos outsiders support mafia only for one reason and the reason is their mediocrity, nobody is threatened by them and they take full advantage of conflicts faced by few like Kangana and SSR by openly denying and mocking them .. –KR,” Kangana’s digital team had posted.

Source Link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/kangana-ranauts-team-hits-out-at-ranbir-kapoor-calls-him-a-serial-skirt-chaser/articleshow/77458809.cms
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For Miss ranaut, being a Casanova and a rapist is the same thing. Is there any lower she can stoop to?


She's just another Rakhi Sawant. That's all I can say.


I can really sense how hurt Intense & TB are with this attack on their favorite.

And yes, she is just ruined everything she had once earned with honesty and that was back in 2014. After that she has just lost the plot and running haywire.With Rangoli by her side and she assuming the support from the likes of Krk or even buttload of bh-kts made her somewhat powerful then she could not be anymore wrong.

From hyping herself to be someone to make a strong statement to ruin the same thing without even thinking how it would affect for the rest of the ones without godfathers or solid backing within the industry.

People looked upto her for a different reason and she forgot about those people and is prioritising the bh-kt brigade. The very ones who supported her have turned their backs and she has become blind about that. And the ones supporting her doesn't really care for her, neither are following her for her talent.

Like I had once said before, Kangana is now full of only hatred and that is not going to take her anywhere else but down.


Lol. Suhas I hate Ranbir and his movies but its not right to target him like this. Kangana has no right to declare him as anything. Its his right to date whosever he wants to. Her hatred is only going to harm her. None else.

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I am going to rant here now. So if there happens to be a Kangana fan, or a hypocrite on this forum, then no offence. It might not be restricted to this article alone and might get long, but do give it a read.

  1. Deepika wins Best Actor award for HNY at some award show. She declines it and dedicates it to Kangana instead for Queen. Sweet gesture right? But nope, "She should have talked to me personally and appreciated my performance". Cut to a few year later, Alia Bhatt sends her a bouquet for some performance, she takes a picture of it and posts on twitter and bashes her for this. Matlab Kuch Bhi

  2. Deepika invites her for Piku screening and she attends. When she called Deepika for TWMR screening, Deepika doesn't turn up. She gets upset and complains about it. Why? You only gave one hit before TWMR (solo) and that was Queen. That film also had a 1cr start at the box office, so only was a hit because of Word of mouth. Deepika at that time was the number 1 heroine, so how about speaking through your films and performances and get back at her rather than publically insulting her.

  3. Talks about Nepotism on KWK. Same episode she praised Alia and how she is one of the top heroines now. Cut to 2019, calls Alia's role and performance in Gully Boy mediocre. Irony?

  4. Team Kangana Ranaut openly criticises SSR and his facial expressions (along with KRK) when he was alive. Now that he is no more, using his death as a publicity stunt to get back at everyone who has wronged her. (I appreciate her for talking about his death when no other actor has, but not like this!)

  5. Feels Gully Boy and Ranveer Singh was one of the best films and performance respectively of 2019. But Gully Boy wins all awards, "Vahiyad film, My Manikarnika was much better".

  6. Throws Krish out of Manikarnika, forces Sonu Sood to shave his beard to reshoot scenes while he had given his dates for Simmba. Claims she directed 70% of the movie. Her name comes as directorial credits before Krish. Matlab bhai chal kya raha hai?

  7. If you think Manikarnika was just one incident, then during Simran, she had a fallout with the writer of the film. Made the director and the writer (who were good friends) break up with each other. She is credited as "Additional Story Writer" or something for Simran. Kuch zyada nai ho raha?

  8. Has a fight with a journalist during the press conference of Judgemental Hai Kya because he apparently gave a negative review for Manikarnika (the movie), hence termed anti-nationalist because apparently he insulted Rani Laxmi Bai.

  9. Has rumoured affairs with Pancholi and Ajay Devgan, the claims made by Adhyan Suman. And of course the spat with HR. While I sided with Kangana at that time because she played the woman card, that interview HR gave with Arnab is slowly starting to sound true day by day. And she calls Ranbir a skirt chaser. Lol

  10. Fights for outsiders, but calls Ayushman Khurrana a chaploosi of Bollywood Mafia, calls Taapsee a B grade actress, never ever wished SSR on his birthday nor congratulated him on his films success. All of a sudden, Chhicchore has become the best film of 2019 for her. And then steers the entire debate of him committing suicide because of Nepotism.

  11. What Rajeev Masand did to SSR through blind articles, isn't it the same thing what she is doing on twitter? Instead of blind articles, it's direct taunt. Even if the tweets are from "Team Kangana Ranaut" and apparently not from her so she can't be accused for these tweets, it is but obvious that she is the one saying these words. I won't be surprised if she actually uses her sister's account as well and spews garbage against other actors.

I sympathise with whatever she must have gone through when she entered the industry. The shoe throwing incident, the sexual assaults etc. She has survived in the industry and hasn't quit and I salute her for that. Become a good actor on her own merit, great job! But to destroy others careers and personal lives because of her own benefit, that's what annoys me. This hypocrite nature.

If you have reached the end, thank you for reading. I hope you guys do feel the same. If you feel all her claims are true and that she is being boycotted, do enlighten me!

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I wish I could give 10 upvotes on this. If there was an award for the the biggest hypocrite of all time, Kangana would win it hands down.

She has mental issues. Not straight in the head.

Everyone has gone through a lot in the industry when they started, its not just her. Whosever Ranbir is dating or wants to date is his life and choice, Kangana has no right to call on that. Neither does she have a right to call Deepika's depression as fake. Making a mockery out of mental health this.


I wouldn't say she is mental. That is too strong a word, and kind of a taboo. She definitely has a lot of issues with everyone in Bollywood. A complete self centred lady. It always has to be "ME ME ME!" And hypocrisy bhi alag level ka hai!

Agree with the Ranbir and Deepika part. However Ranbir is as a person is his personal choice and whatever the reason for his past breakups are personal to the people involved. Rapist and skirt chaser? Those are too harsh!

After TWMR, she might have had a great career. Even considering the fact that she rejected Sultan (biggest mistake ever), she could have bounced back and kept her ego to herself and not considered herself a huge star because of one film!

Other than producing, directing and acting in her own film, she has no career in Bollywood. No sane actor in Bollywood would want to risk their career after the experiences of the others around her.


@sanjeeva very well explained with good points...


Thank you @irdwhelp

Really glad that people here agree with me. This same post on twitter would have given me a lot of flak.

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I think her comments are laughing stock to actors like Ranbir or alia..it probably has never affected them which made kangana even more bitter and jealous of their success..and then she talks about nepotism and appoints her brother in charge of her production house...but also some of her comments might be true actually like when she denied to do sultan Adi Chopra told that he'll never work with her again. But still that doesn't justify her blaming Ranbir and alia for almost anything..she might some day blame them for the corona outbreak in India.

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Kangana Run Out was a product of nepotism through her boyfriend Aditya Panscholi.

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What movie did he recommend her apart from Gangster?


By "He" you mean Mahesh Bhatt? That movie would be Woh Lamhe.


usko lag raha hai vo sabka career khatam kar degi sushant ki death se hui controversy se
abhi lockdown hatega aur sabse pehle iske career ke hi laale padne waale hain


Her career was anyway going downwards for a long time due to her ego..she still brags about her 3 national awards and success of queen.

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Queen of bollywood..She is right!! Full support for her

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