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It started with this tweet from Milap. Then Akshaye Rathi who's a film exhibitor commented and he seems confident cinemas will re-open. Others seemed to disagree with him if you read his replies.

Give your honest views about Akshaye Rathi's statement and Sooryavanshi's BO potential.

Impossible to think cinemas will reopen sooner and big movies will release unless Sooryavanshi comes on X Mas. Next January might be a better solution.


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New films cannot be released the moment theaters are opened. If they do, they will not get the audience.

Once the theaters open, 2 months they should re-run older films to give the confidence to audience on the safety measures. 2 months trend has to be studied thoroughly post then new content to be offered.

Don't think anybody is gonna directly release the new films.


I'm not sure when cinemas are reopening. Frankly, Reliance Entertainment shouldn't hurry by releasing Sooryavanshi and 83 sooner. They should release Sooryavanshi on Jan to kick-off 2021 for the New Year. On February is when 83 can come. Only if situation is normal by early next year.


It'll just burden them not releasing the movies. Keeping it unreleased would simply increase the cost which further make it tough to recover, reducing the profit margin. Don't want the bigger films to aim for only break even.

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People will flock to the theatres if a film like Sooryavanshi or Radhe releases, but the government will impose some restrictions of the capacity allowed.

If this rule isn't imposed, then people from the mass centres (i.e. Single Screen Audience) will go to the theatres and will not care about the situation. If you can see long lines when wine shops opened in Mumbai, then the same can be expected for films. People won't care about the virus, they just want entertainment from their favourite actors.

But this isn't going to happen for sure. The government will put a capacity of 50% (max) in theatres and for such big films, the producers shouldn't take the risk of releasing them. A test run is needed first by Independence day or August end, release some older blockbusters and see the response to win the confidence of the public.

Diwali is just 3 months away and with the number of active cases not reducing, I don't see the government letting go off the capacity rule. So in other words, I don't expect Sooryavanshi to release this year

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The reason why I made this post is because Akshaye Rathi is a film exhibitor hence he's aware of cinema situation. Thing is he seems too confident that it may reopen sooner. Yes, I agree so many cases are not reducing hence so many infections are rising.

I don't know why Reliance Entertainment are in a hurry to release Sooryavanshi and 83. Capacity will low if they release it and I can't see both films doing 200cr. At the moment I'm not sure if any film can beat Tanhaji's lifetime collections until next year hence Ajay's movie may just remain HGOTY.

It may might be a safer option to release both films next year unless things improve by X Mas.


I don't think Reliance is in any hurry to release the films. It's just a way to reassure the exhibitors and distributors that they will be releasing their movies in theatres only so they don't have to worry. The film release date announcement was made a day after 7 films were announced by Hotstar (2 of those being biggies Laxmmi Bomb and Bhuj).

Naturally exhibitors would have been scared as to what would happen to them. So the announcement was just to re assure them that come what may, SV and 83 will release in theatres only.

Besides, Reliance Entertainment is a huge corporate production house. Even Dharma is backing it. So they can afford the slight delay in release date. How long can they wait is the question though. Their profits might be reduced, but I am sure they will renegotiate their contracts with Zee Cinema and Netflix to get better deals for broadcasting and streaming rights.

Of course the fan in me is really praying that SV releases in theatres only as it is a potential 250cr+ minimum. Even 300cr is possible and Akshay deserves it after the comeback he has made since 2016. Laxmmi Bomb was another potential Super Hit if the content worked but now that's gone. Only Prithviraj and SV left among the announced films for that Blockbuster status.

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Nothing is coming this year for sure. Either SV should look at a March/April 2021 release or come on OTT soon. It was a sureshot 250cr plus grosser sadly Corona has really hit the industry harder.

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They will not release on OTT. I believe Diwali or X Mas is slightly possible but at the moment more infections rates are getting higher. They may have to wait longer but like Suhas said the longer Sooryavanshi and 83 gets delayed then it makes it harder for producers to recover the cost. If they release this year then there will be some restrictions for cinemas and the capacity might be low so I don't know if it will still do 250cr during the pandemic.


Xmas is the earliest Nikeel. At the moment Diwali also doesn't seem to be an option.

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only aryan khan can save bollywood
not these b and c center heroes

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He wants to become a filmmaker I heard.

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akshay's bad luck that his confirmed blockbuster is not getting a release date

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It will be interesting to see what happens between Sept and Dec if cinemas reopen but too many cases are increasing at the moment. If they delay Sooryavanshi longer then it will be hard for producers to recover its cost like Suhas said in the comment. So if it doesn't release by Nov or Dec then they will have no choice to release next year.

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