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Aamir Khan

Good -- Talaash (Best) , Dangal

Decent  -- Thugs , Dhoom 3 PK (Didnt Liked) 

Bad ,Ugly -- None

Ajay Devgn

Good --  Drishyam(Best)  Raajneeti  OUATIM Aakrosh G3 Singham BB Raid DDPD

Decent -- SR DTBHJ

Average -- GA TD

Bad -- SOS AJ Rascals

Others -- Not seen

Akshay Kumar

Good -- Baby(Best) RR MM JollyLLB  Airlift Holiday HF2 OMG

Decent -- Khatta Meetha HF4 TMK

Average -- Rustom  SIB PH DB

Bad -- HF3  K786 TY Entertainment GN 2.0

Others -- Not seen

Hrithik Roshan

Good  ZNMD  (Best)  Agneepath WAR Bang Bang

Decent  Kaabil Super 30 (Seen Partially)

Average MJ

Others  Not Seen

Ranbir Kapoor

Good - Tamasha (Best) , Sanju (Best)  YJHD Barfi Rocket singh Raajneeti

Decent -- Rockstar Beshram

Average --JJ  AA

Ugly -- ADHM

Others -- Not seen

Ranveer Singh

Good  BBB (Best) Simmba Padmaavat BM DDD Ram Leela

Average LVRB

Bad  Befikre  Lootera

Others -- Not seen

Salman Khan

Good -- BB (Best) , Ready , Dabangg , TZH ,ETT  (seen partially)

Decent -- Race 3 , Bodyguard , Bharat ,PRDP

Average -- Kick

Bad -- Dabangg 2

Others -- Not seen

Shahrukh Khan --- Legendary Movies

Good -- Don 2 (Best) , MNIK , CE

Decent --HNY 

Average -- Raees

Bad -- Dilwale Fan JTHJ

Ugly -- Ra one , JHMS (Atrocious) ,Zero (Ultra Atrocious) 


Aamir Khan does not have a single movie in bad or ugly category

Ajay Devgn has maximum movies in Good Category , but many in average plus bad categories too

Salman Khan has the best ratio among all

Only Ranbir SRK have movies in ugly department

Akshay Kumar has most movies in Good and Decent Categories

SRK tops the list  from down single handedly with most number of pathetic movies

Others Not seen

Ranking  (Top 10)

Ajay Devgn / Salman Khan 

Aamir Khan

Ranbir Kapoor

Akshay Kumar

Ranveer Singh 

Hrithik Roshan

Shahrukh Khan

Note -- Mixture of all categories

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Hrithik Roshan

Good ZNMD (Best) Agneepath WAR Bang Bang

Decent Kaabil Super 30 (Seen Partially)

Others Not Seen

Ranveer Singh

Good BBB (Best) Simmba Padmaavat BM DDD Ram Leela

Average LVRB

Bad Befikre Lootera

Others -- Not seen

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Shahid Varun

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In order of the ones I liked watching,

Aamir: Man with the golden touch, except for toh mostly all his movies are very good (d3 was good performance wise too)

Salman: Entertaining/watchable movies till 2017. Post that it fell off (Bharat was quite good though).

HR: Some really good stuff (mjo being an exception), BB was okayish, great end to the decade

Ajay/Akshay: Some very good movies, some really bad ones

SRK: Worst movies in the entire decade, plenty of misfires from him. Hence keeping him last in this list.

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Dear SRK , kindly read the script too before signing dont trust the name of the director blindly and do not do siddhart's movie

answered by Set Designer (2.1k points)

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